Style Needn’t Be Over Substance – Use Your Aura To Augment Your Look

Choosing a style is something men and women both obsess over. While the season may rule some items out altogether and trendsetters may give us a recommendation, it is always a challenge to find a look that is just ‘you.’ This is because the right style should reflect your personality and, thereby, yourself.

It is difficult to choose clothes or accessories based on your personality, because none of us are in a position to objectively declare themselves to be that one thing. What’s more, while you may consider yourself to be punk, to be an introvert or a child at heart, it may not necessarily be the truth, which is why, in some cases, it takes someone else to inform us of who we really are.

After all, how is it that something someone else has bought always suits you more than the outfit you picked out? It is because they can see your personality or ‘aura’ externally and can tell immediately what suits you.

What is aura?

Your aura is a multi-coloured energy field surrounding your body, made up of layers of patterned light. The patterns of colours reflect your personality and traits, meaning that your aura can be used as a blueprint for you – what you like, what you dislike and what you could potentially become in the future.

As a result, your aura can often reveal information about our thoughts and feelings, as well as dreams or other manifestations, leading many people to choose to have their aura read by a professional Reader from a website like TheCircle, who provide psychic reading services that offer guidance and fulfillment.

What your aura can tell you is ‘missing information’ about yourself that other people may be able to decipher from an external perspective, information that you cannot recognise in the mirror – e.g. the personality traits that make up who you really are.

How can it help?

While this energy field says a lot about who you are, it is not simply a case of picking colours that match those that feature prominently in the aura. Indeed, most individual’s auras feature at least two primary colours and very often these can clash stylistically. It is about finding a balance of the right outfit for the right mood, which should at least give you plenty of choice when getting ready to go out on the town!

Successful New York stylist, Susanna Merrick-Klinkbeil founded, owns and operates the Aura Wear personal styling service, which places a strong emphasis on fashion personality when dressing their clients. Her holistic approach to styling takes much more into account than your measurements and gait. Rather, she performs aura readings for clients to help them see which styles are right for their respective personalities, before making suitable recommendations.

Significantly, all items recommended by the service are totally sustainable. Consequently, ‘green’ outfits aligned to clients’ personality spectrums are becoming more and more desirable as we become disillusioned with ‘fast fashion.’

Your aura can tell you a lot about yourself and being enlightened and becoming aware of your own personal aura and personality make-up is a wonderful thing. Consider an aura reading to find out more about your personality and how it could translate to your fashion identity when you next hit the shops.