Stylish and Edgy Asymmetrical bob For Rebellious Ladies

We can’t stop repeating that bobs are classy and elegant. However, no matter how true the assumption is, for many of you this can be less than enough. To say that we feel you would be like saying nothing. That is why we decided to show you the other side of the regular, universal bob, its edgier brother, if you may.

In case you have not the slightest clue of what we are driving at – it is an asymmetrical bob. One of the details that define the cut is the fact that no matter which look you take, the sides are always of different lengths. That is very important because when the asymmetry is hard to spot, it would be difficult to tell which type of cut it is. This kind of bob is what you need to add that hint of rebelliousness to your everyday look without taking it over the edge. Besides, there are so many tints and variations to the cut that it is hard to describe. Let’s read on to learn something more about this unique cut!

Short Asymmetry To Impress the Audience

The fact is that when you are choosing your cut you should consider your face shape in the first place because not all the cuts are equally flattering to all the faces. Short, sleek bob with a side part to it and asymmetrical sides will add that taste of elegance and freshness to those with the apple face shape. Besides, if your hair is naturally straight and you are always on the go – the haircut is merely a miraculous invention!

Wavy Bob With A Hint of Asymmetry

If it happens so that you prefer light waves to tight curls as well as straight mane, we have something hidden up our sleeve for you – a wavy bob with asymmetry to it. The truth is that in this case the sides are more or less even though layered, but the back and the front differ in length significantly. Such an approach lets the cut highlight your face and takes away the unnecessary heaviness of the hair. The light waves add that playfulness and femininity to the look that many search for.

Short Bob with Side-Swept Fringe

Those of you who are in search of a fresh short cut that is super simple to maintain but very stylish and nice to look at the same time, we know one! What we have in mind are a asymmetrical bob with asymmetric sides and a fringe. The fringe is that one element that takes the cut to the new level of modern and messy, besides it will add necessary angles to round faces as well. Choose the appropriate color, let’s say platinum blonde, and you are all set! Oh, and do not forget to accent your lips, red lipstick goes well with a blonde bob, by the way!

Curly Bob For Heart-shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces are gorgeous, but they are hard to come up with the proper cut for. We are sure that ladies with this face shape know what we mean. However, the solution to this problem lies upon the surfaces since all you need is a properly chosen asymmetric bob. We say that a curly one will highlight your eyes as well as will accent the jawline. Lastly, it is so effortless that it is hard to resist!

Medium-Length Bob With Asymmetry

There are cases when you would do all to preserve the length, and there is nothing wrong with it since growing out the hair may take a while for some. If that is the case, but you are dying to spice the look up with something fresh and modern, we know a way. How about a medium bob with asymmetry to it? You do not need to sacrifice the length while you will end up with super trendy cut, which is also simple to style, no matter straight or wavy, you prefer your hair. Fantastic!

Striking Bright Bob

Why shouldn’t you go all-in when you want to upgrade your look, right? If you are on the same page with us, then we know what you should consider in the first place. The combo of a bright bob with asymmetry to it is merely a killer one. No matter the hue you choose, you can’t go wrong with the cut, that is for sure!