Summer Update: Lush is Here with its Three Fragrances in North America

Recently, Lush has indicated that it is soon going to bring something to North America that Lushies have been expecting since February. They further said that it is going to be three already existing U.K. fragrances exclusively. Now, after a lot of mystery, they announced that it is nothing but three amazing Body Sprays in Honey I Washed the Kids.

Now, these three very stunning fragrances are available on The three types of Body Sprays which are really invigorating the market are Plum Rain, The Olive Branch, and of course the already popular one Honey I washed the Kids.

Plum Rain is composed of Sicilian mandarin oil, petitgrain oil, and osmanthus absolute. I evoke a unique smell which according to Lush is, “sitting in a Mediterranean garden on a sweet summer morning”. The Olive Branch contains various essential oils of mandarin, bergamot, and oakmoss. All these ingredients together impart a lovely and warm citrus scent. Honey I Washed the Kids is all about having a caramel smell.

Moreover, Lush has even requesting its fans to make a move very soon as all of the aforementioned three fragrances are limited-edition.

What are you waiting for? You can grab an exciting voucher from deal sites like CouponsMonk and buy your favourite one from the brand itself. Lush even exclaimed that the sole reason why these three products came to America is only because the fans have desperately urged for it.

With the biggest hint of a spectacular photo (someone spraying something) on Facebook and Instagram, the arrival of these much-awaited body sprays was really magnificent. The caption was even excellent which said, “Something big is coming. Sign up for our e-newsletter and be the first to know about this limited-edition release”.

While doing this, they grandly invited customers to receive emails from Lush Life. The brand wanted that they should be the first to know how stupendous the products are as soon as they come in the market.

Lush further revealed that “something that Lushies have been heart-eye emoji-ing over since February. These highly-demanded products hailing from the U.K. that bring new life to three of Lush’s iconic fragrances.”

It is actually understandable from the Instagram post of the brand that the little part of the bottle which is visible in the picture is exactly looking like a Body Spray bottle from Lush.

If you look back on the Instagram account of U.K Lush, you will find a post from the month of February which features the same body spray bottles with a caption beside it. The caption directs followers towards the Lush Kitchen Facebook page with a video describing the new products.

In that announcement, it is visible that the two employees from Lush declaring about how the two wonderful Lush cleanser fragrances, The Olive Branch and Honey I Washed the Kids, were transformed into Body Sprays in the UK. Also, Plum Rain, a body spray scent which is already available there, will be coming soon in other prominent countries.

Last but not the least, if you are a yet another lush fan, you must be desiring to add these newly launched fragrances in the collection of four Body Sprays which are already available in North America- Rose Jam, Twilight, Dirty, and Dad’s Garden Lemon Tree.


In that case, there’s no other better way to do that other than subscribing to the Lush newsletter. It’s because these eccentric products from Lush are definitely limited editions and they are definitely going to get sold out in a very short period of time.