Tamron Hall Creates Fund to Provide Support for Victims of Domestic Violence.

Tamron Hall
Brad Barket/Getty Images

The issue of domestic violence is one that hits very close to home for journalist and television personality Tamron Hall. Hall, who has worked as an advocate for victims of domestic violence for the past 12 years, is hoping to provide support through a new partnership with non-profit Safe Horizon.

Hall lost her sister Renate, who had been in several abusive relationships, in 2004. Renate was found beaten to death at her home in Houston and her murder remains unsolved. Hall has spoken about her sister on many occasions and hopes that sharing her story will help victims and survivors of domestic violence.

“No one deserves what happened to my sister,” she said in an interview earlier this year. “For a long time I was hesitant about sharing our story. I didn’t want to be another well-known person saying, ‘Look what happened to me and my family.’ But then I said, screw that. I can save a life.”

Hall decided to launch The Tamron ♥ Renate Fund in partnership with non-profit Safe Horizon to help those who are dealing with domestic violence, but also to honor her sister’s memory. The fund aims to help families learn how they can help victims.