Taylor Swift Songs With The Best Lyrics

On the planet of multi-talent, Taylor Alison Swift is a gift to her fans. This American songwriter and singer have a huge fanbase, and they address them as Swifties. 


About all the teens, cool adults, and other fans, she has almost 1.3 billion fans worldwide. To intend fun, some of the young aliens are also fans of Taylor Swift if they get the radio waves. 


Are you wondering why Taylor Swift is so famous? It is because of her impressive lyrics with good songs. 

List Of Taylor Swift Songs To Experience The Best Lyrics 

Let’s look into some of the exciting and amazing lyrics that Taylor shared with us. Since 2006, this singer has produced marvelous albums to drive her fans crazy. 


If your taste is modern and you also want to experience a true sense of life, then the songs and especially the lyrics of Taylor Swift are your destination. 


In this article, you will get a short list of Taylor Swift’s ten songs that can blow your mind with the lyrics. If you would like to try and experience her magic, you can download her albums from this website.

1. You Belong With Me

This can be considered an amplifier to her Fans. We are really into this song and belong to the song. The lyrics are simple yet banger, and with the music, we want another concert. 

2. The Way I Love You

This song will lead you to your world of love and relationships where you found conflict. The journey of love is full of confusion, and Taylor expressed her own past and present relationship to get your mind twisted. 

3. Mine

If you think of a memorable hook, mine is a powerful song with deeper lyrics about the tribulations and trials of young age. She has thrown her serious lyrics to this unforgiven world with her musical force. 

4. Love Story

This song belongs to her famous album ‘fearless’ and is fearless in its true sense. It provides the taste of Romeo and Juliet in a modern way. 


The lyrics, the song, the imposed melody, yeah, it is a boom. The great melody and the taste of a classic love story will just take you to a different world of romanticism. 

5. Tell me Why

Tell me why you like Taylor swift? Before you answer, we would suggest you listen to this song. This is another ‘fearless’ that contains one of the most impressive country songs. 


The opening violin and the heart-touching lyrics will capture your mind and keep you in the song to repeat it again and again.

6. Story of Us

This fun track from the ‘Speak Now’ album will give a different taste of relationships. While sitting next to her boyfriend, she had written this amazing track to overwhelm silence. 

7. New Romantics

Another masterpiece and underrated as well from the versatile Taylor. It will take you back to your young age when you were happy and make you remember things that make life good. 


Little overlooked things in life were enjoyable and happy, and ‘new romantic’ will not cost you anything to listen to. 

8. Wildest Dream

Taylor is not just an influencer, but she is also got influenced though famous people like Lana Del Ray. The vocal range and some strong lyrics will remind you about that. 


With her sharp lyrics, she will always be in your wildest dream through this song. 

9. All Too Well

Are you a sad song lover? This is another journey to love and relationship, and sadness. Finding your relatable song with Swift is not tough, as she has every experience to share with us.  

10. Shake It Off

If you really want to get out of the track and shake your head a bit, do listen to this song with fabulous lyrics. She showed her critics how she could enjoy her life and also let us enjoy her song. 

To conclude

To bid farewell, her other famous song lyrics- “I promise that you will never find another like Me” justifies her talent. 


If you want to experience her newly, go for it; if you are already a fan, check her albums out and listen to the above-mentioned list to pick your best out of it