Thandie Newton and Kay Montano are Helping You Love Yourself.

The award-winning actress and her longtime, veteran make-up artist, friend have teamed up to create a new site which examines how we look at beauty.

Thandie Newton Kay Montano

“Do not define yourself by the colour of your skin, your age, or your gender. Our society is obsessed with telling us what makes us different from each other. Who is that working for? I’ll tell you who that’s working for: people and companies that benefit from our misery. It’s not working for us as individuals.”, which launches September 16th, 2013, will feature beauty tips, and Q&A’s with women such as Nigerian born author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

For both Thandie and Kay, their experiences growing up as mixed-race women in the UK served as inspiration for the site. In her youth, Thandie, who is half Zimbabwean, often felt “too black” for the UK and “too white” Zimbabwe. Part of her goal is to create a space inclusive of all women. Both Thandie and Kay hope that anyone who logs onto will immediately feel at home and included. We are looking forward to reading the site when it launches!