The 3 Elements For A Perfect Glamping Trip

Camping is not for everybody, especially for those with tastes that are more particular. If you are the type that loves nature but not roughing it and would rather sip on prosecco instead of a beer then you may be interested in glamping. This is short for glamorous camping and involves a lot more comfort and luxury than a typical camping experience.

Glamping is a great experience when done right because you can enjoy truly getting away from it all but still enjoy the finer things. It is an experience that is very different from staying in a hotel or even going to a bed and breakfast somewhere. In this article, we will go over some of the ways you can get the most out of the experience.

1 – Pick your spot wisely

You are probably going to look into staying at a campground the first time you go glamping. This is a good idea since you will have access to electricity, showers, and laundry among other amenities. You do have to choose the campsite wisely, however, since they are not all the same. Some are very rustic and might not allow you to feel like you’re glamping even if you have all the comforts of home in your tent.

You could even try to get off the grid and find a wild camping location far from everybody. You will be roughing it a bit more since you will have to provide your own shower and electricity with solar panels or a portable generator. If you’ve already been camping before then you already know how to camp like this, so it’s simply a matter of making the experience more luxurious.

2 – Set up your tent

Camping means sleeping on a thin mat in a sleeping bag. Glamping means sleeping on a comfy cot with a thick blanket. It is supposed to be more comfortable than camping so you have to make sure to set your tent up in a way that matches the expectations.

Make sure to get a tent similar to a safari type that allows you to walk into it and have enough room for a bit of furniture so it can be set up more like a living room than a place to simply sleep for a few hours. If it rains while you are camping then you will be very happy to have a comfortable place to lounge and do things like reading a book or playing board games.

3 – Set a menu

Another benefit of glamping is that you are not eating hotdogs and hamburgers. The idea is to bring some gourmet food that is restaurant quality and interesting. Think about the menu before you go so you can stock up on provisions before you go. This means having a menu so you can plan out your meals. For instance, you may want to have some eggs benedict for breakfast one day and surf and turf for dinner.