The 4 Patterns That Are Owning Summer Fashion

Designers across the board are embracing bold patterns and prints. The power of the pattern has been unleashed on the industry this season, and we can’t get enough of it.

With a generation racing to experience as much of the world as they can, trends follow suit. The new fashion experience making waves this summer? Blending animal prints, florals, and vibrant colors.

Here are some of the hottest styles and newest designs for your summer wardrobe.

1. Pretty Paisley

Want an opportunity to blend retro 1960s apparel with contemporary summer looks?

Paisley has made a comeback in a very big way. Flowing summer tops are seen in this pattern in high-end stores all over. Pair paisley with denim for a casual look or flaunt it as a long dress or romper for a bit of sophistication.

Popular appearances of this pattern come in blue, green, and even rainbow. This look is also a beautiful choice for swimsuits and summer beach bags.

2. Animal Inspo

Not only is the animal print back in action, but designers are embracing inspiration from everywhere in nature.

Butterflies are big in fashion now, making appearances on hats, skirts, and even blouses. What better way to say you are ready for summer than by channeling this sweet summer creature through your wardrobe?

If you want to channel a fiercer vibe, try a punk-fashionista look with a leopard print jacket. Pair your bold print with something plain. A black ankle boot looks gorgeous with a subtle short and animal print top. You could also make a statement and go all out with print on print.

3. Forever Florals

What better way to integrate colors into your wardrobe than through flowers? Dress in a bright marigold yellow for a picnic in the park and pair the outfit with a floral bag or hat. For those warm evenings or a sweet summer date, go for a light flowery dress.

Besides the classic floral dress, blazers and light jackets also look great in these patterns. Even a wide-brim hat can benefit from a floral revamp.

Floral patterns can also make for a beautiful iPhone case. Bright oranges make for a fun retro throwback, and white flowers against a matte blue background are the perfect blend of funky and professional. Since your phone travels with you everywhere, it is essential that it is up to date on this summer’s chosen patterns.

Dress yourself and your phone in your favorite flower, so you can truly soak up the sun this summer!

4. Stunning Stripes

Stand out from the crowd in a brilliant way with stripes. The bold lines look stunning on hats, as well as pants and almost all clothing items. Many even mix the direction of the stripes for an exciting maze of bold colors.

Try a pair of breezy summer pants with a bold color palette or even a subtle contrast of black and gray. You’ll look professional in the workplace, stylish on days out, and altogether summer ready.

As far as swimsuits go, stripes make a bold statement without too much effort. Often on swimsuits, patterns can become busy-looking and take away from the design of the suit. Clean stripes move with the lines in your suit to produce a perfect summer look.

Fast Track Your Style

You are ready for a sunny, breezy summer, and you deserve a look to match. Try these bold contemporary patterns to integrate vibrancy into your summer wardrobe. Your clothes and accessories could benefit from these brilliant patterns.

Whether it is a subtler, flowy paisley or a colorful floral, you are guaranteed to find something for your personal taste that will enhance your summer wardrobe.