The Allure of Marquise Diamonds: Timeless Elegance with a Unique Twist

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring, you’ll no doubt be incredibly excited. Getting ready to pop the big question can leave you feeling simultaneously thrilled and terrified, but the payoff will certainly be worth the stress.

Picking an engagement ring can be an incredibly difficult decision. There are so many choices out there, how can you possibly know which to choose? In this guide, we take a look at Marquise diamonds and discuss why they are so popular. Read on to learn more.

What are Marquise Diamonds?

Diamonds are the world’s most popular stone. They’ve been used in jewellery for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and are prized for their rarity, beauty and durability. However, diamonds are not all one and the same. There is an incredible amount of variety out there, it can be tough to know what to look for if you’re not clued up on diamond lingo.

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring at a store like Best Brilliance, you will eventually come across the term Marquise diamond. This might seem a little strange at first. After all, isn’t a diamond just a diamond? The answer to that question is a resounding no. There are lots of different kinds of diamonds out there, and learning as much as you can will help you pick the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Diamonds don’t come out of the ground as you see them on an engagement ring. They must first be treated, polished and cut to make them into the incredible gemstones we know them as. There are various different approaches when it comes to cutting diamonds, with one of the most highly regarded known as the Marquise method.

The word Marquise derives from a French word meaning nobility, which can give you some indication as to the style of Marquise diamonds. A Marquise cut emphasizes the beauty of the stone by cutting it in such a way as to show off as much as possible.

Marquise diamonds have 58 facets and fashion the stone into a distinctive oval shape. While they are a very popular style of diamond, as with anything they do come with some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s find out more.

Marquise Diamonds: Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for an engagement ring, diamonds are always a good choice. Marquise diamonds can look absolutely fantastic, the way they are cut will show off every inch of the stone and will ensure your ring catches the light perfectly and dazzles everyone who sees it.

Marquise diamonds are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. This creates a unique effect on perspective and can make the wearer appear more slender and petite.

However, Marquise diamonds aren’t without their cons. The unique shape of the stone can sometimes create a shadow in the centre, which can be a blemish that may put some people off.

Additionally, Marquise diamonds can chip quite easily. Despite the fact that diamonds are exceptionally strong, they are not invisible. Damaging your stone can be extremely upsetting, not to mention expensive. This can be mitigated by securing the stone with prongs.

Choosing the Right Marquise Diamond

If you have carefully weighed up the pros and cons and have decided that a Marquise diamond is the one for you, it’s important that you know how to identify and pick a high-quality stone.

Inspect each stone in detail and check for potential blemishes. If you notice shadowy or miscoloured spots, move on to the next one. Examine the stone’s symmetry too; it should look perfectly weighted and balanced. Any asymmetrical aspects can ruin the overall appearance of the stone.

When choosing any diamond, you should keep the four Cs in mind. These are colour, cut, clarity and carat. Colour means checking for how colourless a diamond is, with clear, colourless diamonds the most valuable. Cut refers to how the diamond is shaped and fashioned, such as with the Marquise method. Clarity means checking for blemishes, also known as inclusions. Finally, carat is the weight of the diamond, which will determine its value. One carat equals one-fifth of a gram subdivided by 100. Generally, the greater the carat, the more expensive the stone.


Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and cuts, but few styles are as striking as Marquise. If you’re on the hunt for a diamond engagement ring, picking a Marquise diamond is a fantastic decision and will give you a dazzling diamond that will last for years to come.