The Beauty of a Shining White Smile

White teeth make you look young and attractive. There is no doubt about this. You watch TV and surf the internet where you will see shows that hail the power of the white smile. If there was a part of your face that can be equivalent to a peacock’s pride it would be your teeth. There was a time when owning white teeth are only for the wealthy. Maybe because this was an expected privilege of the rich and famous. As a society, we are accustomed to the thought that those with money can afford great teeth. Fortunately, you do not need to be super rich to afford a whiter smile.

Everybody wants to create a good impression. If you are joining a dating pool, people often make snap decisions within a matter of minutes after meeting up. You would generally ignore specimens who are not to your liking. Yellowish teeth and bad breath is considered as a major turn-off for most people. While a white smile is a major turn-on. If you are curious why there is a pre-occupation about having white healthy teeth it is more than just skin deep.

How to Get a Beautiful White Smile

A beautiful white smile is your best asset. You feel good about yourself. This gives you confidence when you take pictures. You flash that wonderful white smile. Have you notice how people describe this as a beaming white smile because it manages to capture its intended audience. People that you want to impress. Having white teeth is really no secret if you know how to. The Quality Dental Team website has a number of different tips that can help you to brighten up your smile and improve your dental health.

1. Choose the right oral care

Let’s face it, if you visit the Dentist in Worcester it will be easy to get proper dental care. Your dentist will be able to spot your problem areas. He can start to clean your teeth using a prophy paste and end this up by using fluoride varnish. Consider fluoride varnish as the icing on your cake. In this case, the fluoride varnish is the “topping” that gives you a winning white smile.

Prophy paste also smells better like ice cream or candy. There are actually different interesting prophy paste flavors that you can choose Prophy paste does more than making your mouth water. Your dentist will use prophy paste for hard to remove stains that regular toothbrush and toothpaste cannot remove. Prophy paste is coarser in consistency than toothpaste.

2. Drink more water

Avoid drink that causes stains in your teeth like coffee and tea. If you are a strong coffee or tea drinker you have to lay off this beverage if you want whiter teeth. The same results come from drinking blackberry and blueberry juices. They do leave behind unsightly marks. If you like darker berries on your smoothies you have to limit this or better yet drink lots of water afterward.

3. Brush your teeth the right way

When you brush your teeth properly this can prevent conditions like gingivitis and tooth decay. You need to use soft bristle toothbrush. If you do not use soft bristles this can cause tooth abrasion or damage your gums.

●     Point the bristles toward the gum line at 45-degree angle

●     Use short circular motions for at least 20 seconds

●     Start with your upper molar

●     Continue with your back teeth

●     Work in a clockwise direction

●     Roll the toothbrush head away from your gums

●     Sweep the surface of your teeth

●     Still maintaining a clockwise motion

●     Brush the lower molars on the side of your mouth

●     Do not forget to brush behind your front and lower teeth

●     Brush your tongue and the inside of your cheeks

●     Rinse thoroughly

4. Use dental floss on teeth

After you brush your teeth you need to use dental floss. Too often you do forget to use dental floss. This is still an important part of oral health. You might not feel comfortable flossing and sometimes it might be painful at first. Make it a habit to include regular flossing as part of your daily oral routine. When you use dental floss this can reach the tiny crevices in between your teeth. These are tiny spaces that toothbrush cannot reach into. If you will not neglect to floss you will notice a difference in how your mouth feels. Flossing properly works better than using mouthwash.

5. Mouthwash benefits

There are actually two kinds of rinses. Therapeutic rinses work better because of its active ingredients. With the right ingredients, this helps fight off plaque and cavities. Do check if the mouth rinse is approved by a reputable dental association.

Good Healthy Teeth

There seems to be an unspoken law about how the subconscious dictates what you find attractive and what repulses you. Whatever draws you to people who look healthy and have white teeth this satisfies your basic human needs. If you have a missing tooth, for example, is considered to have poor overall health. You will be perceived as prone to disease or perhaps nutritionally deficient. Generally, other’s perception would be not to draw nearer. If you are after positive reactions and results, you need the beauty of a shining white smile.

The best way to do this is by visiting your dentist regularly to get your teeth troubles sorted. Your dentist is the tooth and gum expert who can give you what you desire. Are you applying for a job? Do you want to attract people towards you? Do you want to see an increase in your business? If you say yes to all of these then your dentist is your best bet in achieving a white beautiful smile. If you do this, the next time you beam that white teeth people cannot say no to you.