The Best All-Natural Way to Deal with Chapped Lips

During the winter, the air becomes drier and freezing cold winds blow more often. This time of every year comes with the potential to wreak havoc on your skin, but it’s especially harsh on your lips. Using products found in the store may not be the best way to care for cracked or chapped lips. Finding sustainable beauty products that are good for you and for the environment might be the better choice.

Reasons for Dry Lips

In addition to drier winter air, there may be other reasons why your lips become chapped—and not just in the winter. You might find that your lips are dry and cracked throughout the entire year. Dealing with this issue all the time can be frustrating, and you’re probably always on the lookout for high-quality products to help make your lips soft and smooth.

If you find that you are constantly licking your lips, this can lead to them drying out and becoming chapped. The food you eat and drink can also lead to dryness. Eating foods with a lot of salt isn’t good for the moisture levels in your lips. Some of the products you use on a daily basis can also be contributing to your chapped lips, including your toothpaste or teeth whitening products. But if you are looking to whiten your teeth, consider visiting the Dentist In Altamonte Springs for professional whitening services.

How to Combat Dry Lips

Having dry, chapped lips can be uncomfortable. If left untreated, they can crack and bleed, making it painful to talk or eat throughout the day. Finding the right products to help with this problem isn’t hard. Sustainable beauty products made from organic ingredients, including beeswax, can keep your lips hydrated throughout the day.

Finding a product that also contains peppermint essential oils can help relieve sore lips and give them a refreshing lift in the winter or make them feel cool during the hottest days of the summer. The right product will nourish your lips to improve softness, and it can also be used as a base for lipstick or gloss (both of which can also be incredibly drying to your lips).

Not only should you be using the right products, but you want to make sure that you are drinking a lot of water throughout the day. You already know how important it is to stay hydrated for health, and this can also play a role in keeping your lips from drying out.

Protect Your Lips from the Elements

The right sustainable beauty product can go a long way in keeping your lips soft and smooth, but there are some other steps you should take as well. If you know you’re going to be heading outside into the cold winter wind, make sure to block your mouth with a scarf or tuck it into the top of your coat.

Every so often you might want to exfoliate your lips, and this can be done by creating a scrub out of sugar and oil. Not only is this a great way to remove dead skin cells from your lips, it’s also eco-friendly and edible. Follow this up with an all-natural lip butter, and your lips will be kissably soft and smooth.

Winter is one of the most acute times of the year when it comes to chapped lips, but the summer sun can also wreak havoc on this delicate skin. Make sure you are using a sustainable beauty product made from natural ingredients to keep your lips hydrated and smooth.