The Round Neck Dress – Classic, Feminine, and Timeless Fashion

Classic, feminine and timeless. The round neck dress is one of the favorites, both for designers and brides, as it enhances the silhouette and does not need adornments. 

Simplicity and versatility come together in the round neckline, which in 2022 bursts into the bridal fashion catalogs. And it is that far from being one more detail in the dress, the neckline marks identity and steals all eyes. Is the round neckline you are looking for? Discover all the keys about this type of neck that does not go out of style.


As its name indicates, this neckline is characterized by tracing a rounded curve perpendicular to the neck. That is, horizontally. A safe bet in wedding dresses that, depending on each design, can be open or closed; from round necklines almost attached to the neck to models with pronounced openings.

The round neckline, which can be worn with long, three-quarter, short, or strapless sleeves, flatters all body types and, therefore, any bride can wear it on her special day.

In addition, it is a neckline that optically lengthens the neck, slims the shoulders, refines the angles of the face and, in general, gives an optimal balance to the silhouette. It is only recommended, for greater harmony, that the longer the neck, the more closed the neckline.

With what dresses?

Although dress with split can be more or less uncovered, in any case, the round neckline is classic and discreet. In other words, if you don’t want to show too much skin, or if you prefer to show off a plunging neckline at the back, then this neckline will suit you a lot.

It is a comfortable neckline that fits perfectly with the dress, so in no case, the fabric could move. Therefore, it guarantees freedom of movement at all times. In addition, it matches the wide variety of wedding dresses, whether they are mermaid, princess, A-line, or empire line silhouettes; made in thick, medium, or thin fabrics.

Which ones do you particularly stand out in? The round neckline is enhanced in dresses with cap sleeves or spaghetti straps, while plain designs add an extra share of elegance.

For example, a princess cut dress will elevate its presence with a round neckline as the protagonist. However, if you prefer a more relaxed style, the round neckline also appears quite a bit among bohemian dresses or with bloused bodies. Now, if what you are looking for is a design that elevates your sensuality, you will find many satin lingerie models with this type of neck.

With what accessories:

Since in most cases it leaves little skin exposed, even more so if it is attached to the neck, the round neckline should be worn without necklaces or chokers. Instead, opt for some nice earrings, a bracelet or bracelet, or a jewelled headdress.

Of course, whatever your neckline is, you can always generate an interesting asymmetry by betting on square or triangular jewels with long sleeve mini bodycon dress, in contrast to the roundness of your neckline.

Closed round necklines are ideal to wear with a collected or semi-collected hairstyle that leaves your face clear. If the round neckline will be open, then you will be able to display some jewelry on the chest, such as a fine chain or pendant. It could even be a shoulder necklace if your outfit will have spaghetti straps.

Will it be the chosen one? If you arrive at the altar in a dress with a round neck, you will not only be radiant but also very comfortable throughout the day. Go back through the gallery and find all the inspiration you’re looking for.

The hippie chic style, inspired by the fashion of the 60s and 70s, remakes this trend by adding an avant-garde point. Hence, although they seem more relaxed dresses, the truth is that each stitch is there for a reason.

For what weddings:

Although you don’t need a specific setting to wear a dress with a split, it is more common to see these designs in weddings that are celebrated outdoors, such as in plots, gardens, forests, or at weddings in front of the sea.

Since they are essentially creations that exude naturalness and freshness, dresses are suitable for more intimate or informal weddings.

You will dazzle, for example, with a crochet dress if you are getting married on the beach. Or if you are looking for a civil wedding dress, a short tunic-type dress with bell sleeves will be an excellent option.

Finally, another advantage is that you will find cheap hippie chic wedding dresses compared to other types of designs since light fabrics are used and elements such as crystals and fine intricate beads are dispensed with.

Is it your favorite trend? If you love the seventies style, but with bohemian touches, this style of bridal fashion will suit you fantastically. Either way, you can always consider renting a wedding dress, in case you don’t plan on keeping the suit.

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