The Ultimate Buying Guide For Women Designer Bags.

Whether you are buying your dream bag online or at a brick and mortar store, it helps to know a few tricks while purchasing designer handbags. After all, these are not just the average bags that you buy at the local charity store.

This is the ultimate buying guide for women designer bags. Feel free to add your ideas as you go shopping!

    1. Do some research.

    There are a lot of ways to do this. You can look for inspiration on the internet platform, watch videos, and read reviews. This will help you understand the intricacies of the bag much more intimately. You get to know the construction, the compartments as well as the hardware. Also, look out for styling inspirations as well, so you understand whether it will fit your style and needs.

    Most designer bags have been covered in extensive reviews on YouTube, so it is also a great place to watch and come to a decision. A great place to learn more about Fake Gucci is Maurielle’s experience with Gucci bags.

    2. Settle on a budget and stick to it.

    If budget is not a concern for you, we envy you. However, if like the majority of us you don’t have a separate check for buying handbags, budgeting is a must. If you are purchasing a luxury handbag, chances are, this is not going to be your last purchase.

    When it comes to designer and luxury handbags, the bags themselves will decide your budget. But if you made a decision to spend a few hundred dollars on a pre-loved Marc Jacobs bag, but you end up buying a brand new one just because it was on sale, it will most likely blow your financial condition out of the proportion.

    3. Buy the bag in a physical store.

    After you have made the decision to buy the bag, check if the brand has a store in your city or nearby. You will get to experience the bag in your hands, feel the texture, and try it out before you pass hands with the cashier. 8 times out of 10 buying from a store beats the experience of buying online.

    Apart from getting real with the bag, the whole treatment at the store is just too good to pass. Oh, the decadent décor, the pleasing atmosphere and maybe champagne to celebrate your new acquisition. Since you are paying a fortune for a handbag, why not go all the way and be treated like a star?

    And it is totally ok to check out the bag in-store more than once before you buy it.

    4. Don’t rush.

    Irrespective of the price, a hasty purchase in never good. Take your time observing the bag; watch the trends and the market as well. Most designer bags can be bought during the sale season as well as keep your eyes peeled.

    If you are in a terrible rush to snag up a bag, you risk buying something you may not even love in a few months. What’s another few months or so when you have waited your entire life to make this purchase. So we advise you to take it slow. But maybe if its Hermès Kelly or a Birkin, then make haste.

Tips for shopping designer bags online.

Our top tips for shopping online are:

    ●   Scour multiple websites

    ●   Do not ignore pre-loved sites

    ●   Check if the store has provision for authentication
    ●   Glean information from reviews about the website
    ●   If you have a discount code or a coupon, don’t hesitate to use it
    ●   Read their policy, terms, and conditions including the return policy