The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Backpack for Travelling

As much as travelling brings us to new places, let us meet different people and exposes us to different cultures, it also can bring us hectic and tiring experiences. Some travel problems are totally out of our hands, like bad weather or delayed flights. But other factors to improve our travelling experiences are in our hands; or more to the point, on our backs when we choose the most appropriate backpack for us. Often times, we make our traveling more difficult simply because we’re not using the right baggage or luggage to travel with. Like any other item where literally hundreds and more choices exist, you need a guide to help you choose the item, and backpacks are way up on the list of hundreds of choices.

So, let’s get into it and show you what you should be looking for before making a final purchase on your backpack.


The backpack doesn’t have to be 100% waterproof, unless you are going to have it around during some serious water activities. It should be made from some level of water resistance material. The material should be thick but also lightweight, which helps the backpack to dry quicker.

Several compartments

A good pack should have multiple compartments to make it easy for you to pack smaller items and find them. Probably your clothes would go into the main compartment, and smaller items in the other various side ones.

Lockable zippers

Lots of backpacks come with two zippers on each compartment so you can lock them together. As much as you love travelling, you always have to try to remain safe and you don’t want someone stretching their unwanted hands into your stuff, or even worse, placing something in your bag that doesn’t belong there.

Contoured back

A good backpack will create a small space between your back and the bag. That’s why investing in a travel backpack brand that features this on their products is a good idea because it would be easier and more comfortable to carry, as it would be designed to help distribute the weight more evenly. This allows for a more natural arch of your spine, ensuring no back pain. These brands will also have a padded back to reduce the sweat, padded shoulders as well as hip padding, all needed because most of the weight will be pushing down on both your shoulders and hips. Besides that, they are super stylish and attractive.

Internal frame

Almost all backpacks are designed with a built-in internal frame. The frame is what supports the rods which you can’t see since they’re hidden. Don’t buy one with an external frame since they’re not attractive and tend to get caught on things when you’re walking.


Size is a very individual matter. The important thing is to use one proportional to your body size. Have it big enough to hold just a bit more than the items you’re packing, but not more than that.

Backpacks can be much more practical than suitcases when travelling from place to place. A great backpack is a durable one with a long lifespan and remains in good condition, no matter how much you use it. A stylish carry-on size saves time and money without needing to check a bag and pay excess airline fees. As long as it fits everything you want, fits your budget, has that bit of extra room, and you’re comfortable while carrying it, then you’ve found the perfect backpack for you.