The Ultimate Luxury Car Shopping List

The term ‘luxury’ is somewhat subjective. It refers primarily to things that are opulent and elegant and exude monetary value and expense. When referring to motor cars, luxury is synonymous with performance, elitism and high-end brands.

Maybe you already own one or maybe it feels like a pipe dream, but whether you can afford one or not, it is likely that at least one of the following luxury vehicle brands have been on your dream shopping list.


Bugatti has mixed origins. A French car manufacturer, founded in Germany by an Italian, Ettore Bugatti. It was famed for producing beautiful performance vehicles that secured many race wins. It was later revived in the 1990’s and is now a part of the Volkswagen group.

The desirable models today include the infamous Bugatti Veyron, reaching speeds of over 250 mph, boasting incredible horsepower and commanding a price tag of $1.2 million and upwards. We’ll take two, please!


Another of Italian origins and again owned by the Volkswagen group and parented by Audi, Lamborghini is another elite vehicle brand that makes the shopping list. Typically priced from $200,000 the Lamborghini may be more achievable than the Bugatti Veyron but is still luxurious and lavish and renowned for speed and aerodynamic performance.

Models include the more exclusive ‘Few-Off’, the Aventador and the innovative Urus, the world’s first Super SUV. SpecialtyCarCraft can keep your Lambo immaculate with their superior Lamborghini Service and luxury vehicle accident repair services.

Rolls Royce

A highly prestigious English vehicle brand, the ‘Rolls’ was typically associated with wedding cars and older drivers. These days it is far more common to see younger drivers behind the wheel of these beautiful vehicles. Rolls Royce offer a highly bespoke service and recently released the Phantom VIII. These typically start around $450,000, though buyers often spend in excess of $100,000 in modifications and bespoke extras.


Back to Italian roots with the Ferrari, producing its first vehicle in 1940. The first badged vehicle came out in 1947 and it is from here that the brand built its notoriety. In addition to other fascinating facts, Ferrari are responsible for producing the 1964 GTO 250, which became the most expensive car in history when one sold for $70 million in 2018. Today, models for the hot list include the 488 Pista, 812 Superfast and the SF90 Stradale.


Tesla is one of the cheapest luxury vehicles on the list, with basic models starting at around $35,000. It is also one of the more unique with an entirely electric vehicle range. It is a common misconception that electric vehicles are not capable of the speeds associated with traditional sports cars, however, the Tesla Roadster is capable of over 250 mph and goes from 0 – 60 mph in under two seconds. All this and you will be doing your bit for the environment too!

Honorary mentions

The shopping list could become quite long if not reined in. However, a few other honorary mentions include:

    ●   Maserati – for a sporty number, perhaps try the MC12

    ●   Aston Martin – desirable models include the lavish V8 Vantage S

    ●   Bentley – such as the imposing yet elegant Continental Flying Spur

    ●   McLaren – maybe the MP4-12C

Which one would you choose?