Theater. ‘What I Learned in Paris’ Tackles Race and Gender in 1970’s Atlanta.

What I learned in Paris

Written by Pearl Cleage, and directed by Daniel Bryant, What I Learned in Paris is a political drama and romantic comedy that tells a tale of sisterhood and activism. The play is set against the backdrop of 1970’s Atlanta, using actual historical events. It takes place soon after the 1973 election of Maynard Jackson. Jackson, who became the first Mayor of Atlanta, was the first African-American mayor of the city and the first African-American to head a major Southern city.

By centering strong women leads, What I Learned in Paris takes on ideas that Pearl Cleage has tackled throughout her career as a noted writer. Cleage has always examined the intersection of race and gender in her works, and has also advocated for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence in the black community.

You can see What I Learned in Paris at Chicago’s Athenaeum Theatre from now until February 7th. For more info GO HERE.