This Afrofuturist Film is Set in an Otherworldy Village Made of Recycled Computer Parts.

Directed by Saul Williams, with Anisia Uzeyman as director of photography, Neptune Frost is an upcoming film project that tells the “love story between an inter-sex runaway and a coltan miner and the virtual marvel born as a result of their union.”

Born of an e-waste camp far from the western eye, a village made of recycled computer parts sprouts on a hilltop in Burundi. This is the home of the world’s most subversive hacking collective inventively exposing the gluttonous feast on natural resources from belly of the beast using the gutsiest platform takeovers in the history of a mystery: Who is the MartyrLoserKing?

While Western intelligence looks to the usual suspects, a Dogon avatar whispers through a dream to reveal the coded mysteries of Sirius and the stars to an escaped coltan miner and an intersex runaway seeking refuge from a binary norm, revealing her divine circuitry as the eye of the storm. When their connection sparks the MartyrLoserKing is born.

MartyrLoserKing, the elusive African hacker whose team of “losers” and outcasts ignite the imagination of the world’s most “connected” generation through deep space, deep web penetration. A virtual hero for a world caught in perpetual analogue exploitation. Neptune Frost is the MartyrLoserKing.

Watch a teaser for Neptune Frost below and support the project HERE.