This Autumn and Winter, the Fur and Feathers are Flyin’

Let’s hope that Autumn / Winter 2017-2018 is going to be a cold one. Because from the looks of this year’s knitwear and outerwear styles, if last season’s 80 degree February trend returns, many of us are going to be crying in our sweet tea as we think about all the beautiful cosy textures left unworn in our closets.

As you might have noticed when scrolling through the street styles from the New York, London, Milan, and Paris Fall Fashion Weeks, this season is all about big and baggy. Maybe it’s a rebellion from the last 10 years of squeezing ourselves into those skinny jeans. Maybe it’s a reflection of our need for comfort – so far 2017 hasn’t exactly been a gentle year, after all. There’s even a theory that a trend towards modesty has somehow precipitated us all to start covering up.

If you read this news with any shred of despair, don’t. Because while they may be loose and long, these looks are anything but boring. Not only are space age metallic, disco queen chic, power red, and wide-legged pants suits back in vogue, we also bid a welcome return to thick corduroys and bold floral prints. New on the scene are political statements, long tops worn pant-less (thank you, Beyoncé), and quilt-inspired folk fashions.

Autumn 2017’s most trending pieces are of the winter woolly variety, with extra bulky sweaters in colorful palettes, glammed up to the nines with fringes and ostrich feathers. With the exception of the classic fitted black leather jacket, outerwear has gone oversized as well. You won’t need to worry about staying warm this winter. Sheepskin collars and lining are a traditional complement to denim and suede, but in 2017-2018, the jackets are bigger and beefier. Fur accents on a full length coat are perfectly fashionable, but if you want to crank up the volume, go for a super fluffy synthetic fur in canary yellow or cotton candy pink.

Sweaters to Snuggle Up In:

Fringed looks

Highland knits

Twist on the sweater set

Giant accents

Bigger is better

Bold, bright patterns

Out of this World Outerwear:

Fluffy coats in pastel

Sheepskin collars & lining

Oversized overcoats

Puffer jackets

Feather & fur bravado

This marriage of comfort and glamour is flattering on all shapes, from plus size to athletic to slender. Who isn’t looking forward to spending the cold months kicked back in a pair of groovy wide-leg corduroys with a giant sweater? If fitted tops are more your style, contrast the cords with a more traditional twin set look to keep them guessing – why not have a look here for some inspiration. Then ramp up the wow factor with a long silver metallic leather overcoat. A juxstaposition of textures and colors – and there are so many to choose from this year – is the key to creating a wearable and distinctive style that will radiate with a winter glow. And as to those skinny jeans… they won’t be missed.