This Bahamian Artist and Writer Makes Tiny Fake Food. And It’s Amazing.

Carissa Rho

Meet Carissa Rho, a 25-year-old freelance writer, who lives and works in the Bahamas. Rho returned to her home country after Columbia College in Chicago, with a degree in journalism. While searching for jobs online, she stumbled upon videos featuring tiny edible foods — which are all the rage in Japan.

Rho decided to put some molding clay that she had lying around to some good use, and a new hobby was born. Rho uses her skills to make tiny fake foods with realistic textures, she often uses common household items to manipulate the clay. Rho pays homage to her culture by crafting tiny meals like sheep tongue souse (soup) with Johnny cake and conch fritters. She also makes a lot of Japanese foods, including gyoza and sushi.

Chose a "human" look last night.

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While Rho is still applying for jobs, she also has plans to sell her unique creations. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

h/t Buzzfeed.