This Black Coming of Age Film and Series Are Headed to Amazon.

Amazon recently announced the acquisition of Selah and The Spades, an indie film, written and directed by African American filmmaker Tayarisha Poe. The streaming platform will also be developing a series based on the original film.

Selah and The Spades, stars Lovie Simone as “Selah” alongside Celeste O’Connor, Jesse Williams, Gina Torres, Henry Hunter Hall, Evan Roe, and Jharrel Jerome — who recently featured in the critically acclaimed Netflix series “When They See Us.”

A brief synopsis of the film states: “Five factions run the underground life of the prestigious Haldwell boarding school. At the head of the most powerful faction – The Spades – sits Selah Summers. By turns charming and callous, she chooses whom to keep close and whom to cut loose, walking the fine line between being feared and loved.”

A version of Selah and The Spades first premiered in 2015 as a multimedia project. Since then, director Tayarisha Poe has gone on to earn a 2016 Sundance Institute Knight Foundation fellowship and also premiered a full length version of the film, with a new cast at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.

No word yet on when the trailer and series will be hitting Amazon, but check out a trailer in the meantime.