This ‘Must Have’ Beauty App Recommends Beauty Products According to Weather Conditions in Your Area.

Cast Beauty App, Black Women Tech

Weather conditions really make a difference when it comes to how effective your beauty products are, especially for those of us with textured hair and combination skin. A seemingly perfect product in one place could wreak havoc on your look in another locale. Enter the Cast Beauty App.

Created by Sian Morson, Cast Beauty gives users a personalized experience by recommending products based on a user’s location and the weather patterns in their area. Morson was inspired to create the app after moving from Atlanta from Oakland, where she quickly discovered that her regularly products weren’t cutting it. After talking to other transplants who were dealing with the same problem, she decided to help solve this all-too-common beauty woe.

Cast Beauty works by first determining your location, and then using information that you provide the app with such as your hair texture and your product preferences. The app then recommends brand new products to you via Amazon. Cast Beauty also features a blog with helpful tips.

You can get the Cast Beauty App at the Apple App Store or on Google Play.