This Supernatural Dark Comedy Web Series is Based on East African Mysticism.

Debtera, Black Women Web Series, East African Web Series

Written and directed by Lu Asfaha and produced by Alicia De Four Debtera is an upcoming dark comedy web series.

Demon possession, a clueless witch and a persistent ex-boyfriend converge to make Naomi’s simple quiet life a living hell. Debtera is a supernatural dark comedy web series about the worst STI ever. Demons.

Based in East African mysticism and culture, Debtera follows 2 young Black women, Naomi and Letty, as they navigate a world where demons are sexually transmittable and not everything is as it seems. We don’t just have a dope Black mystic web series for you, but also some afrofuturistic perks.

Watch a teaser below and support Debtera on Indiegogo.