Throwback. Erykah Badu And Jimmy Cliff. No Woman No Cry.

Erykah Badu

There’s a long list of Bob Marley songs that absolutely resonate with me. Throughout his short life, Marley spoke for the marginalized and downtrodden and in “No Woman, No Cry” Bob’s attempts to sooth the troubled soul of “a woman” living in the popular slum of Trenchtown, Jamaica. By testifying that he understands her circumstances while assuring her that “everything is gonna be alright” Bob is really hoping and wishing that the circumstances of her environment won’t get her down. You certainly feel the singer’s sincerity throughout the song and we clearly see why the artist deserves the crown of the “king of reggae”. In this rendition, Erykah Badu similarly known for speaking with great candor and truth in her music does great justice to Marley.