Tips that will help you stay stylish on a budget

You don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look chic, elegant and classy. Often, the latest trends are expensive and can take a toll on your pocket if you are not careful. Fashion trends are constantly changing but some of us cannot afford to keep up.

Dressing well is possible without denting your pockets. You can find ways to keep up with the latest styles and keep your money at the same time.

Here are Low budget fashion tricks that will help you achieve a trendy look

Shop wisely

Before shopping for your clothes, make a list of all the items and accessories you will need. Impulsive shopping might leave you broke, especially if you are a shopaholic. Budget for your clothes, shoes accessories and use this list while shopping so you don’t go beyond what you can afford. Sites like DontPayFull offer lots of options. With a shopping list, you are less likely to be impulsive even when you see something you really like. Buying clothes we need and ignoring what we don’t need saves us a lot of money

Always remember, quality is better than quantity

While shopping for the latest trends, we might be tempted to buy as many clothes, shoes and accessories as we can for the cheapest prices possible. We may not need all these items. Cheaper clothes and shoes tend to fade, tear or grow old faster and have you back shopping before you know it. Quality clothes may be expensive but they will last you much longer. Create a budget in which you will buy fewer quality clothes. Keep in mind that big expensive brands do not necessarily mean quality clothes.

Pick out the right outfit

Choose classic clothes over new trends. Clothes like the Sherwani, kurta pyjama, kurti, lehenga and choli are classics but never go out of trend. They are multi-purpose. You can wear them to work, school, festivals and cultural events. Classic clothes have better and more natural materials. Remember to buy the right size of clothing by fitting and making sure it accentuates your body type well.

Surf through online shopping details and sites

Some online shopping sites offer coupons, deals offers and sales. Surf several online sites looking for these kind of offers, they could save you a lot of money. Many online sites offer giveaways and sales during holidays and festivals.

Clean your closet

Organise your closet and get rid of clothes you no longer need. Organising will help you understand what clothes you have and what you need t o add to your wardrobe. Arrange in sections and styles for a better view. Give away clothes you no longer need, or ones you simply never wear. Throw away old shoes and accessories. You don’t need to keep clothes in your closet if you have no use for them.

What’s your fashion sense?

Cleaning and arranging your closet will give you a better understanding of your style. With that in mind you’ll buy clothes that suit your style and avoid buying clothes you won’t want to walk out in.

Even though it is important to maintain decency with your dress, your physic and interests should be first when buying an outfit. Love yourself and get a wardrobe that makes you respectful and happy.

Classic mix and match

Save on cash by getting clothes that are easy to match and go together with various styles. You can get a wardrobe full of ethnic and indo-western trends because they go well together.

A kurti can be styled in uncountable ways. You can wear it bare, with a lehenga, with jeggings and with jeans. Stylecaret have a variety of kurti to choose from. You can get a straight cut kurti and wear bare with a belt, with leggings, with a lehenga, or palazzo pants. Kurti attire is the easiest to style. It comes in a variety of designs and styles that can make your closet look different stylish.

Have essentials in your closet

There are a few items in your closet that will always be part of your basic outfits. Shoes that go with almost every outfit include sandals, ethic flats, pompoms, leather shoes, flip flops and comfortable block heels. Different colored jeans, jeggings, culottes’ leggings and tights will go well with almost any other outfit in your closet.

Choose tops of several colors and patterns. If you have outfits of the same hues, your fashion style will look boring and repetitive. For mix and match clothes, look for block colors, neon’s and pastel colors. You can transition this variety of colors to work well with almost any look.


Real jewellery is expensive, especially if you love to style up your closet with some cute embellishments. Look for versatile pieces of different styles and sizes so you can match them with different occasions. Buy light jewellery for everyday wear. You can get a slim necklace, some bangles and a few shiny earring studs. Buy bulky jewellery for festivals and cultural events. Look for elegant and designer pieces that can be interchanged with your mix and match outfits.

Switch up your old clothes

Use your creative style to switch up your old clothes into new trends. Tired of those old faded jeans in your close? You can make it brand new by cutting them into ankle-length jeans than can be pared with a long kurti, or making them ripped. Add a few studs or sew in floral material at the hemline and tears. If you lack the artistic touch, you can look up videos in the internet. Find yourself a tailor who can create for you a designer outfit that you can’t afford. Tailor made outfits are cheaper compared to ready-made ones.

Protect your clothes

Make your clothes last longer by protecting them from adverse weather. in the rainy season, cover your shoes with beeswax to keep them from fading. During the summer, don’t dry your clothes too long in the scorching sun to prevent fading. Be gentle while washing your outfit to prevent color fades.