Top Android Games Of 2020

The Android arena offers a plethora of addictive games to its users but it becomes difficult to find the best ones amongst the variety of available options. This is why today we are going to take you through some of the best Android titles comprising of puzzlers, arcade titles, adventure games and findyourfacemate .

Hitman Go

The globally popular bald assassin takes the centre stage in this abstract yet stylish version of typically realistic murders. Different levels of this game resemble normal tabletop board games. Players can snuff out the targets by taking turns and moving the Agent 47 game piece.

Arena Of Valor

This brilliant creation of Chinese megacorporation Tencent allows players to get a flavour of the bizarre real-time strategy genre with this multiplayer online battle game.


Explore numerous worlds while building everything ranging from the simplest homes to the most elegant castles with Minecraft. Here you can either play in survival mode by mining deep or opt for the creative mode where you can play with unlimited resources. In both the modes, you can craft armour and weapons for fighting off dangerous mobs.

Crossy Road

Under this arcade game, players have to hop across logs, dodge traffic and sidestep on trains while collecting coins. However, you shouldn’t stay still for long as otherwise you might end up losing the game. This intuitive game offers fun levels, colourful graphics and clever designs. You just need to select amongst the available characters and navigate through different levels coupled with the arrow keys.


This game focuses around a young boy who ventures down a well searching for untold treasures. Your aim here will be to venture deeper into the darkness while fighting nasty creatures and unearthing mysterious secrets. Players are rewarded with magnificent red gems which remain hidden across the rocks.

Pokemon Go

If you are a 90’s kid, then you can relive your childhood with this augmented reality game which is a part of the Pokémon franchise. You can join the quest with trainers from across the globe for discovering Pokémon’s and engaging in battles with other players.

Sky: Children of Light

Explore a remarkably beautiful fantasy world while rolling across stunning vistas and passing through voluminous cloud formation with this thrilling game. Unexpected paths are unlocked through every puzzle and your aim remains to bring hope in a desolate world so that the fallen stars can return back to their respective constellations. You can virtually meet players around the globe for discovering interesting game secrets together.


Build a world of your own in this free-of-cost multiplayer game where you can collaborate with friends for battling it out with enemy teams. The level of blood and gore in this battle game is comparatively lower than peer games of similar nature. The emphasis is given on taking out opponents rather than the morbidity of killing players.

Stardew Valley

Enjoy a potent mix of life sim, farming and casual RPG elements in this modern indie classic game. Every player inherits their grandfather’s old farm plot and they need to begin their new life coupled with a few coins and hand-me-down tools. Your aim here remains to transform the overgrown field into a thriving home.


This fast-paced strategy card game can be played by collecting powerful cards for creating mighty decks. Players can gain control over ever-shifting battlegrounds by slinging spells and summoning minions.


Whether you are looking for some trendy games which are worth your attention or some fresh options to build up your Google Play library, the top android games listed above can keep you satiated at all times.