Top Fashion and Styling Mistakes Most Men Make

We are in the twenty-first century, and it sure is an excellent time for men to experiment with their style. Experimentation enables you to combine different fashion trends and express yourself and your individuality. Even though fashion means being yourself, there are specific rules, which need to be followed. Every man needs to be very particular about the details. It is these details that can make or break any outfit. So, yes, something as small as picking the wrong tie can also ruin your entire look. Thus to look appealing, attractive, and stylish, you should pay attention to the intricate details and avoid inevitable mistakes that many men make to this day.  

So, we are here to open your eyes to some vital details that you tend to miss out on when you style your outfit in the morning. Let us take a quick look at some mistakes you tend to avoid to look sharp every day. 

You shop for ill-fitted pants, hoping they will fit better in the future

If you mostly wear retro slacks, jeans, or any stylish suit pants, they must fit you perfectly. There is absolutely no point in shopping for jeans, which are too long for you. If the jeans are long for you, they will wear out soon because you will end up stepping on it again and again. Nathaniel, a fashion enthusiast and an educator who works with FineGrades, says that many of his friends shop for longer jeans hoping it will make their legs seem thinner, but in reality, it only ends up looking saggy. More so, it would be best if you also refrained from wearing pants, which are too broad. Regardless of how much money they can save you in the future, it would help if you refrained from buying them in the present. 

Your undershirt is on display

A lot of men like to wear undershirts to guard their dress shirts from stains and sweat. Well, to be honest, it is absolutely okay to wear undershirts as long as it does not show. Think of your undershirt as your underwear. So, is it okay for it to be highlighted? No, right? The same etiquette rule is applicable for your undershirt. Moreover, an undershirt tends to add unnecessary horizontal lines, which ruin your body proportions. In case you happen to keep the top button of your dress shirt open, always look for V-neck undershirts.

Every t-shirt you wear is branded

No, there is absolutely no problem in wearing branded clothes. They look modern and appealing. However, a lot of times, men tend to go a bit overboard with them. There are quite some men who feel that branding is the only way to show off the clothing items’ quality. Is it true? Not one bit. Always pick t-shirts that are comfortable, regardless of whether they are branded or not. We do not think anyone will come up to you and ask whether your t-shirt is branded or not. If it looks attractive, it will do the trick. It is always pleasing to see a man dressed in a monochrome t-shirt over something that has a lot of work going on, says Genelia, who offers the best speed reading courses for students online. Regardless of whether you want to wear branded items, always shop for something with smaller brands or logos. Bear in mind; less is always more. 

You wear way too many accessories

At times, we tend to go a bit overboard, especially with the accessories. However, before you step out of the house, take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and see if you are doing too much. Keep it minimal with the accessories, and always wear accessories, which match with your outfit. 

You wear suits and sneakers together

Of course, some freedom and experimentation in style are welcome, but wearing suits with sneakers is only a mistake. Please understand that sneakers are only meant for running. You cannot attend meetings with them. Jack, an educator who offers java homework help who has a fashion blog to his name, says that wearing a pair of sneakers with a suit will kill all your chances of looking attractive or dressy. Hence every man must have at least one pair of dress shoes in your closet. 

Your blazer is too short or too long

In a man’s wardrobe, a suit is a staple inclusion, and that includes a blazer. It is a vital piece of clothing, which can make or break your outfit. Thus, you need to pick well. It is applicable for the coats also that men tend to wear with their suits. You should ensure that your coat’s length covers your blazer. 

If you’re having problems getting the right length for you, then you can consult a stylist or tailor. A professional stylist can also suggest other options if blazer isn’t your thing for formal occasions. In this way, you can highlight your body assets and become the best version of yourself in casual or formal events.

You don’t mind your underwear

When was the last time you bought a set of underwear? Many men can’t remember doing so because they’re already used to wearing the same underwear they were given as gifts or bought because of old, worn-out ones. Buying high-quality underwear seems like men’s least priority.

Men are used to buying the same brand and style of underwear. If you want to stay cool and comfortable even with intense physical activity down there, then mind choosing the best underwear for you. For instance, the popular brand Bamboo offers breathable, comfortable, and moisture-wicking underwear.

Modern men should stay on top of fashion but shouldn’t miss out the inside undergarment to complete their overall get up. What you wear under also reflects how you’ll feel wearing your outfit of the day. Feel and look good and manly wearing high-quality underwear such as bamboo boxer briefs.

You tuck in your T-shirts

Jonita, a blogger and a part-time nursing assignment help provider, says that she fails to understand this new trend of tucking T-shirts into sweatpants or pants. Well, neither do we. Guys, please understand this is NOT cool. It will do nothing to your style quotient except making you look like a middle-aged man. It would help if you always left your shirt untucked. Tucking your shirt in will cause wrinkles on it. If you pair t-shirts with sweatpants, you should leave it untucked as it will conceal the drawstrings and make you look tidier. There is only one exception to this rule – If you are wearing an undershirt under your dress shirt, only then should you tuck it in. 

You wear socks with sandals

You may think that this trend died a long time ago, well it did, but regardless of that, there are still some men who continue to wear socks with their sandals. Please understand a pair of sandals should be left for the beach or a summertime. It is honestly very unattractive to see women wear sandals everywhere and every day. You only make it worse by teaming it with a pair of socks. If you do, wear sandals, wear them without socks. However, if you are uncomfortable with your feet, opt for sandals with closed-toe.