Travel Safety Guide: Are Hotel Safes Secure?

The safety of your documents, valuables, and other belongings is often the primary concern whenever you’re traveling to another city or country. Further, thanks to the extra efforts of hotels, they’ve provided safes for their guests to keep their documents and valuables away from harm. But, several travelers are still skeptical whether or not they’re secure.

Tourists and travelers have to take note of the essential details as to what makes a hotel safe secure. There are also extra safety measures that you could consider whenever you’re staying in a hotel, but you’re going to be going out most of the time. Safety measures serve as an extra layer of security to make sure no one but you has access to your safe.

Moreover, you also have to keep in mind that particular hotel staff will always have access to your safe in case you lose or forget your key. Specific hotel staff is those who have a higher position in the organization holds a spare key or code to the lock. Thus, tourists and travelers will always doubt using hotel safes.

Read on to discover the travel safety guide about how secure are the hotels’ safes.

Knowledge of the Codebreaker

One of the significant problems with safes, in general, is the codebreaker. The codebreaker is a safety feature that has a quick step-by-step process to unlocking any safe in case the hotel guest forgets their personalized code. The problem with the codebreaker of any lock is that there are tutorial videos on social media platforms as to how it can be done.

Given that almost anyone who researches the tutorial videos can perform the codebreaker and bypass any lock. Hotel guests have to be aware that people with the knowledge of the codebreaker is enough reason as to why hotel safes aren’t entirely secure. Besides, even if you input a personalized code, thieves might still be able to access your safe.

The Effectivity of Security Gadgets

Long-time tourists and experienced travelers know that security gadgets are one of the effective options to maximize the security of their hotel safe. Depending on the security gadget, you’ll get a notification on your phone or alert everyone near your hotel room of the unauthorized access.

Security gadgets make sure that everything in your safe, such as important documents or even valuable items such as authentic watches, is well-protected. The recent advancements of technology and awareness of theft made sure of the enhancements of security gadgets to ensure maximum security.

Since theft is unavoidable, tourists and travelers should never have any second doubts about bringing security gadgets. Given that hotel, safes have codebreakers or duplicate keys that almost any experienced thief can have their hands on. Adding on a security gadget to your hotel safe can lessen the danger of having your valuables stolen from you.

Choose Your Hotels Wisely

You have to choose the hotel you’ll be staying in carefully, especially if you want to have a worry-less journey to another city or country. You have to keep in mind that particular hotels are pricey for a reason. The reason for this is because of specific hotels having security measures and trustworthy staff to take care of the guests.

On the other hand, there are cheaper hotels that overlook the importance of the values of being hotel owners. Since several hotels only aim to make money through affordable rates, tourists and travelers will blindly choose these hotels to save money.

Thus, keep in mind that expensive hotels are pricey not just because of their name, but because of their extra efforts to keep their guests and guests’ belongings safe from harm.


Knowing which hotels that provide the best-secured hotel safes can be a challenge, especially if you don’t do any research about them. Tourists and travelers should keep in mind that stock hotel safes have duplicate keys or codebreakers that people can get their hands on. Thus, bringing security gadgets can help enhance the security of these safes.