Tyra Banks Reveals “Be A Star” Remix Coming for “Life-Size” Sequel.

Tyra Banks, Lindsay Lohan, Life-Size

Back in 2014, Tyra Banks promised a sequel to her hit year 2000 Disney film Life-Size. Banks starred as a real life Barbie doll along then child actress Lindsay Lohan.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Banks shared more details about Life-Size 2, which is set for a December 2018 release.

“I am going to dust off my retired vocal chords for Life-Size 2,” said Banks.

“I’d love to find a top producer that everybody knows, like a household name, to do the music. And a beautiful sound technician to auto-tune the hell out of my voice.”

Banks, who is also serving as executive producer, also revealed that she is currently in talks with Lohan to make an appearance in the upcoming film.

“Lindsay and I have been slipping into each other’s DMs a lot lately,” said Banks.

Last year she expressed hopes to have Lohan’s role be more than a mere cameo, but instead something “pretty meaty.”