Unusual Trends That Are Starting To Get Attention

We are all familiar with the usual everyday or seasonal trends that come and go. Whether it is in relation to fashion or technology, or even habits or sports, they are a dime a dozen. Most are pretty straight forward and catch our attention for a moment, and others are just downright crazy! In this article, we’re going to explore some of the more unusual trends that have popped up and find out what they’re all about.

Some will have meaning while being controversial ,and some are just plain weird! But either way, they will definitely get your attention.

Ash tattoo

Tattooing has been around for many generations and has been prevalent in many cultures all over the world. It’s nothing new and it is definitely gaining more and more popularity with the passage of time. An unusual tattooing trend that is getting quite a bit of attention lately though is cremation ash tattoos. Basically, some ash from the cremation is added to the ink that will be used to give the tattoo. If you’re interested in tattooing with cremation ashes – engraveink.com will give you more insight on the process. There are more and more parlors offering this option, as it is something that stays close to the heart for those who have lost a loved one.


With the onset of global warming makes our summers more and more unbearable, this weird trend is something that many people are actually considering turning to. It’s basically a mask that is worn and has holes for the eyes and mouth. Its purpose is to avoid sunburn and exposure to the scalding sun when you’re on the beach. It might sound a bit insane, but many people in China are actually down with this trend!

Stick-on facial hair

So we all know about fake lashes, this is no new trend, nor is it unusual. But over the past couple of years people have been coming up with more places to stick on facial hair. The most recent ones being stuck on nose hair and stick-on facial hair for men. The nose hair trend did get quite a bit of attention, but it’s still questionable as to why anyone would even want to have that look! As for the men’s facial hair, it has been done in a way that looks so realistic that it has grown to be quite popular. So next time you’re on a date, try pulling at your man’s beard or mustache just to make sure that it’s real!

Eye jewelry

While this unusual trend is relatively new and has begun in Europe mostly, it has gained quite a bit of attention. Basically, jewelry is implanted into your eye to give it more ‘sparkle’. While turning heads, this trend is still questionable as the eye is a very sensitive area. Even though no side effects have been reported so far, it’s something that people are still wary of- sometimes beauty being pain can go a bit too far!

Glitter galore

Glitter never goes out of fashion, and it seems that we’re running out of new ways to introduce glitter, so the people in the fashion industry have found yet more odd and unusual ways to add glitter to your look. The latest glitter craze that is quite weird, is having glitter roots- adding glitter only to the roots of your hair. It does look a bit odd, but it seems to be catching on with the clubbers! And if that wasn’t enough, glitter has found its way to the armpit as well. Many people find it endearing and attractive to have glitter added onto their armpit hair. Surprisingly, this has caught on as well.

It’s safe to say that as the years fall behind us, we come up with more and more unusual things to break the boredom and the norms. They seem to be getting more and more absurd, but the strangest the trend, the more attention it’s bound to get! While some are fun and quirky, and might make a statement fashionably, others are meaningful and actually serve a purpose that affects people on a deeper level. The important thing is that we make sure that we are not paying a heavy price in order to make a statement in the industry. Some of these weird trends, while seemingly interesting and catch your eye, making you want to give it a shot, make sure that you are not risking damaging yourself or your body in any way.