Upcoming Short Film Asks ”What if Superman grew up as a black boy in America?”.

Black Superman Sunday Kinfolk

Superman isn’t just any superhero, he’s an American cultural icon. His story is one of survival, loss, alienation and adaption. He comes from very little, he wears a mask of sorts to make those around him comfortable. He achieves greatness while often dealing with conflict and great suffering.

“Black Superman” a story by Sunday Kinfolk in collaboration with Hamilton Multimedia, LLC is seeking to take the Superman story to different level of consciousness.

While staring in the face of racism, this story follows a young man’s journey as he comes to terms with his identity. As we extract events from America’s history and weave them with fictional undertones, we explore the truth behind his mother’s legacy, his father’s affiliation with the movement and the makings of a black superhero.

Sunday Kinfolk is currently casting for the film, which will be shot in Chicago. For more info, go here. Watch a concept trailer below to get an idea of the mood/climate of the film.

Black Superman from Sunday Kinfolk on Vimeo.