Versace’s Menswear Presentation Features 11 Minutes of Unreleased Prince Music.

Versace Prince
(Billy Farrell Agency/REX/Shutterstock)

Designer Donatella Versace recently paid tribute to Prince at her brand’s 2017 menswear show in Milan. Versace and Prince remained close friends over the years and even collaborated creatively.

Recently Versace paid a fitting tribute to her friend by featuring 11 minutes of previously unreleased music by Prince at a recent menswear show in Milan. Models also strutted down the runway in all purple looks.

“He had been sending me songs for years – it was his way of communicating. Just hearing his voice again makes me smile,” Versace says.

Princes longtime friendship with Versace was a likely meeting of minds. Both artists exhibited a calculated flamboyance that was simultaneously distinctive but also difficult to imitate without looking like a costume. You knew when you were seeing the Prince look, and you knew when you were seeing the Versace look.

Prince sported Versace in some of his most iconic images and even performed at the after party for the launch of Versace 2011 collaboration collection with H&M.

Versace Prince

Versace Prince

Given Prince’s penchant for presentation the runway is the perfect location for the fitting tribute to the late, great star.