Viral Casting Notice For “Straight Outta Compton” Reinforces Why It’s So Important To Support Black Independent Media.

Black Girl In Paris

As someone who’s seen a casting notice or two in her day, the now viral casting notice for upcoming NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton” directed by F. Gary Gray and Produced by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, is hardly surprising to me. Honestly, they all look like that, at least the ones I’ve seen. And let’s be real, are we really that shocked at colorism and sexism in a movie about NWA?

Casting notices like these aren’t solely the fault of the casting directors, the film’s producers or the studio creating the film, they are merely a microcosm of a larger systemic problem. Notices like these aren’t created in a vacuum. They are the result of social attitudes that we pick up on internalize from the time we are children. It’s just jarring to see such attitudes and preferences stated so boldly.

I can understand how casting notices like these can be discouraging for some young black women, especially for those with darker skin. It’s important to vote with your dollars and voice your dissatisfaction. It’s even more important to support and encourage media created you in mind. With that, here are 10 films, webseries or upcoming projects we’ve featured in the past that you should definitely check out and share.

1. The New Adult

New Web Series Stars A Slacker Black Girl Who Loves To Rock.

2. Dear White People

This movie has been getting tons of internet buzz and after hitting the festival circuit, it’ll finally be in theaters this fall. Check out the trailer and the project’s hilarious YouTube channel.

3. Twenties

“Twenties” is brought to you by one of the writers/producers of “Dear White People” Lena Waithe, Waithe recently struck a deal for the series with BET.

Will “Twenties” Be “Girls” for Black Girls?!?

4. An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

You Have Oversimplified Her Beauty.

5. Newlyweeds

NewlyWeeds. Black Love Meets Stoner Comedy.

6. Everything I Did Wrong In My 20’s.

New Web Series To Watch. “Everything I Did Wrong In My 20′s”.

7. A Black Girl In Paris.

Short Film “Black Girl in Paris” is Coming to HBO.

8. Gimme The Loot.

Yet Another Bronx Tale. Gimme the Loot.

9. Beauty Is.

Reviews. “Beauty is…”. The Must See Documentary About Black Beauty.

10. Noir Chicks.

Watch It. Noir Chicks. A Hilarious New Web Series.