Wanna Look Cool? Try These Fashion Trends For Men

In this day and age, fashion trends are dominating the world. It became very easy for people to show their style and taste using different mediums and platforms. It’s only natural for men to start taking care of their casual looks aside from their professional one. When you’re buying pieces of clothing for yourself, it’s important to choose timeless pieces that can look good and remain fashionable for a while. But, a lot of men overlook the fact that riding a trendy wave can look very cool and improve how you integrate into the vast world of fashion to find your own style. A very important aspect of following fashion trends is to be able to tell apart which trend has the potential to be a timeless classic and which one is just a short-lived fad.

New and talented designers are embarking every year on a journey to make a name for themselves in the ocean of worldwide fashion. What starts as a European, as proven by Moncler, fashion trend can easily catch fire and become a global trend. The art of casual dressing is one that isn’t grasped easily by everyone; you want to look as sharp as you can while not forgetting that a comfortable and laid-back style is an important element in the cool look. It’s okay to be overwhelmed when you’re trying to keep track of all the emerging fashion trends. This is why we’ll be giving you this brief outlook on what you should keep an eye out for to stay hip.

Printed Shirts

Nothing can make a statement like a printed shirt. Abstract, polka dot, floral, pop-culture, and many other aesthetic designs that can show a side not easily shown with other clothes. You can save all the backtalk with shirts that have statements whether it’s political or philosophical. It’s totally cool to go retro and start wearing those Cuban shirts; the only thing those retro shirts lack is the fact that they don’t come with a cocktail. Depending on your style and fashion sense, printed shirts can be a hit or miss. They are most popular with dark and light denim, and if you’re feeling adventurous, a suit.

Relaxed Trousers

The relaxed and laid-back look has been carving its way to the top of the fashion pyramid for years now. It’s become easy to look cool with looser cuts and convenient shapes. You’ll find this fashion mania invading all different types of clothing piece from coats to hoodies, not to mention shoes. You may want to put your skinny jeans aside for a while and get out those dad jeans and pleated trousers. It’s easy to go wide and relaxed with denim, but you can also incorporate some straight leg wool-mix to compliment your shoes. You can expect these relaxed trouser trends to go on for many months, could even be years.

Ripped Denim Jeans

This isn’t a new trend, yet it’s one that isn’t going to die anytime soon as the world is proving that ripped denim jeans are becoming a present and a future classic. The variety in denim color is what’s new this year, you can opt for light denim in the mornings and then switch to darker shades in the night. The colors range from bleached to indigo. You’ll be presented with a lot of choices when you’re trying to rock the ripped denim jeans look. It’s not just cool, it shows that you’re keeping a close eye on cool fashion trends.

Track Jackets

While tracksuits may be associated with many things other than looking cool, like the Russian mob, it doesn’t mean that track jackets shouldn’t be an item in your cool repertoire clothes. They work on so many levels; you can wear them for pre-gym, work, a night out, or in a home. They have proved their versatility. You can wear it under a sports jacket or over a normal T-shirt. It’s bound to look cool in any setting or weather if you do it right.

Windbreaker Jackets

This is the second jacket on our list that can work wonders on any wardrobe. The flexibility windbreaker jackets give can be seen with the variance in style and durability in harsh conditions. The synthetic materials make it lightweight and the fabric is designed to resist wind, chill, and some light rain. This can be your savior when you want to stay cool on some nights where you’re expecting it to get chilly.


It’s hard not to look cool with a mix of colorful bracelets on your wrists. This trend has been going on for a while now and its momentum isn’t slowing down one bit. The best way to go about incorporating bracelets in your look is by combining different shades that can complement the colors of what you’re currently wearing. They go well with both relaxed and casual fits.

Long Shorts

This season, shorts are undergoing a major change in lengths as longer shorts are becoming a cool fashion statement. Designed to go beyond the knee, these shorts can look cool in more than one season, whether it’s summer or spring. They don’t usually come in bland colors as abstract and colorful patterns are completely dominating the long shorts scene. They are suitable for everyday wear because they’re a relaxed fit more often than not.

Wide-Leg Linen Trousers

You don’t have to look ragged to be comfortable. Wide-leg linen trousers provide you with a luxurious feel and give you some breathing room. You can rock these trousers in spring or summer. The soft linen is going to be convenient as you can wear it for more than one occasion.

Being cool isn’t easy. It’s an equation that needs to be balanced carefully. If you try too hard, your look won’t look great, and if you decide to be completely nonchalant about all the emerging trends, you’ll miss the coolest looks. It’s time to invest in the latest fashion trends. You’re bound to find these clothes and accessories worn by the coolest.