Want to be a lawyer? You’ll need these skills to succeed in your career

A career in law is an incredibly rewarding one. It also means dedicating a large portion of your life to intense study and academia. However, building a successful career in law is more than just remembering facts, rules, laws and regulations, it requires a whole host of other skills that will certainly prove useful no matter what field of law you ultimately decide to practice.

From criminal law to helping families resolve their issues in family court, business law and environmental matters and of course personal injury law – like this PI lawyer (based in New York) – there’s no telling how your extensive knowledge and malleable skills can make a difference to someone’s future.

So, what kind of skills should all prospective lawyers build on? Here we’ll explore the skills you’re going to want to succeed in your law career.

Your writing skills

Of course, lawyers work hard at improving their spoken skills to argue their clients’ case clearly and concisely, however speaking isn’t the only communicative skill that budding attorneys need to work on. Many graduates are surprised to find that written work is a huge part of being a lawyer.

Whether you’re drawing up contracts for business clients, writing letters and drafting important documents, or even reaching out to individuals from different companies in the legal industry. Having a good understanding of spelling, grammar and tone is essential.


Exploring ways to solve problems and finding the key to unlocking a case or proving fault could be right under your nose. Hidden away down a completely obscure avenue or buried within the evidence provided. As a successful attorney, you’ll need to call on your creative problem-solving skills to find the get the result you need. Thankfully, problem-solving skills are something you can work on throughout your life and in time, you’ll certainly hone your skills.

People skills

If you’re someone who struggles to read the room, select the right tone, or you’re incredibly shy and reserved then you may find your legal career stalling. Good people skills are essential for an attorney and being able to understand what your client is going through and adapting your skills and approach to their needs and requirements will make you stand apart from your competitors. The more you work with people and engage with them, the stronger your people skills will be.


If you can’t listen to your clients and absorb what they’re saying then you’re going to struggle to keep your clients on side, fully understand the case, and ultimately, win. Strong listening skills not only means you’re gathering all the information you need, but it also helps you to build a better relationship with your clients. If they feel listened to and respected, they’re more likely to take your advice and recommend you to family and friends.

And finally, attention to detail

You’re proofreading a contract that your client may sign. It’s your job to ensure that everything is accurate and to spot anything that may cause problems for your client further down the line. This is why attention to detail is essential. The more you read and focus the stronger your skills will be.