Watch This. Aisha Tyler Dives Into Her Family History and Uncovers the Story of the Secret Black Son of a White Politician.

Aisha Tyler Who Do You Think You Are

In what could easily be described as one of the most compelling episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? to date, Aisha Tyler dives into her family history.

Tyler, a native of San Francisco, always thought that tracing her family roots would lead her to the north eastern part of the United States. Instead, she ends up in Oberlin, Ohio and Austin, Texas. In these two locations, she uncovers the story of Hugh Hancock, her maternal great-great grandfather. Hancock is listed as “mulatto” on most of his public records, and the identity of his father is unknown. When Tyler, along with the help of several historians decides to dig deeper, the truth is shocking, but she also learns some amazing things about her family history.

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