Watch This. ‘flâner.’ Black French Women Talk Culture, ‘Girlhood,’ Sisterhood, Fatou, and More.

Cecile Emeke

Watch this latest video from artist and filmmaker Cecile Emeke, flâner, a French installment of her ongoing stream-of-consciousness series “Strolling,” featuring the perspectives of young black people. In flâner, two young black women talk about the pressures of being a black women in France, and how French culture can make it difficult to form a community.

Cecile Emeke had a chat with us some months back. Here’s a snippet of the interview:

SS: How do you choose the subjects featured in film projects such as Strolling?

In terms of the documentary series strolling, I pick people I personally know, but I definitely would like to feature others in the future. There are no special criteria I look for in people to feature, other than that they examine and think critically about life.

SS: Do you see yourself in featured subjects?

I definitely see myself in the people featured in the strolling series. Admittedly I am not just a cameraman, impartially filming and documenting ideas of others regardless of my own. No filmmaker is. I think I express parts of me in the short documentaries as much as I do in other works of mine, just by virtue of the questions I ask and so forth.

Read the entire interview here.