Watch This. Six-Year-Old Anaya Impresses With Her Korean Speaking Skills.

Anaya Speaks Korean

Little Anaya, is an 8-year-old African American girl who has been living in Korea since the age of 1. She moved to the country with her parents, who teach English. She also attends a Korean elementary school.

In this video taken by Anaya’s mother 2 years ago, Anaya, then 6, shows off her Korean speaking skills with her cab driver. At one point the cab driver helps her overcome a minor error than non-native Korean speakers often commit.

After her mother recently posted the short video YouTube and Reddit, Anaya has been going viral, with many users praising her grasp of Korean. The language is considered one of the top 3 most difficult to learn for English speakers.

“We put this video up as a way to show the benefits of raising your children abroad. This is meant to be a positive video to promote awareness that black people are traveling the world and our children are the products of our travels. We want to encourage others that it is possible!,” writes Anaya’s mother.