Watch This. Trailers. A Moving Image. On Gentrification in South London.

A moving image, Shola Amoo, Tanya Fear

Directed by Shola Amoo and starring Tanya Fear, the film, “A Moving Image” according to the filmmakers tackles a stifled artist’s relationship with gentrification in her south London community. The full synopsis reads:

Nina wants to create the perfect piece of art but her creative juices aren’t flowing. She returns to Brixton, where she grew up, in search of inspiration but finds a very different community to the one she left behind. She struggles to find her place as she is painted as a symbol of gentrification. She forms a three-way relationship with an actor called Mickey and a performance artist called. Ayo who both have very different views on the changes taking place in their environment. During an unnaturally hot summer in London, Nina sets out to create the ultimate piece of art to explore her complex relationship with her community. In doing so, she creates an explosion of colour that echoes a tricky question – is she truly part of the problem or can she use her art to be part of the solution?A Moving Image is a film about becoming a 21st century creative amidst a rapidly gentrifying city.

The film is set for a crowdfunding campaign later this year. Go here for more on the project.

A Moving Image Promo Directed by Shola Amoo starring Tanya Fear (Kick Ass 2, Touch) from Shola Amoo on Vimeo.