We Predict 2023’s Trends for Kids’ Clothing Boutiques

It can be challenging knowing what way kids gravitate toward regarding fashion styles. While shopping for inventory for your kids’ clothing boutique, it can be stressful to decide what pieces may be popular and which ones won’t, especially since there are invariably guarantees. However, let’s discuss some significant 2023 trends to watch for with children’s clothing boutique owners.

Bright colors

One look at the “New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023” report by the Pantone Color Institute™, and you’ll understand why we’re excited to put bright colors on this list. Although only some of them are bright hues, they’re nothing short of fabulous, including “Fiery Red” and “Tangelo.”

Many kids already love wearing bright colors, so it’s a great excuse to stock children’s fashions in similar shades, like the Bella + Canvas pullover hoodies in red. Several bright colors, including red, are great to wear in all seasons and for different holidays, making them fantastic to sport all year. In addition, kids can wear brightly-colored versatile pieces, like t-shirts or leggings, that are comfortable and appropriate to wear to school and a range of other places.


Strategically-placed ruffles, such as those on a shirt’s shoulders, can be so fantastic, which is one of the reasons we’re predicting it will be a trend in kids’ fashion in 2023. It doesn’t have to be on shirts; it can also be on dresses, skirts, and even pants. You can also find children’s shoes with ruffles on them.

With so many ruffled options for children’s clothes, kids’ fashion businesses have their pick of what they feel their shoppers would most prefer. As a result, some items have a subtle display of ruffles, while others feature more prominent ones.

Light blue

We love a good light blue as part of a wardrobe, and many kids do. There are so many fantastic light blue items that can add something special to an outfit. This calming hue easily conjures up images of a sky and ocean, and we’re all about those aspects of nature.

When it comes to stocking up on light blue kids’ clothing items, boutiques should consider the season for which they’re buying. If it’s spring and summer, dresses, linen shirts, t-shirts, and twill pants can be stylish options, especially for kids who are planning on attending outdoor events and want to stay relaxed and comfortable.

For fall and winter, shackets, sweaters, and hoodies can keep children warm but – depending on the material and overall design – not uncomfortably so. In addition, the hue offers a charming contrast to the often dark colors of the chilly seasons, so pairings like light blue with brown or black clothing could be a stylish complement.


Although denim is a classic more than one would consider a ‘trend,” we’re predicting that for 2023, kids will want to wear more denim than just the standard jeans. From hair accessories to footwear, a range of children’s denim clothing and accessories are available.

Therefore, this gives kids’ clothing boutiques options about what type of denim items they want to offer, whether it’s shoes, hair clips, jeans, dresses, or shirts. Denim bags could also be an item to consider stocking, as kids could use them for tasks like carrying items to a friend’s house or helping their parents go grocery shopping.

Vibrant floral prints

A lovely floral print can be a great way to add color to an ensemble, and it’s a simple way to break up an otherwise monochromatic outfit. For example, kids can wear floral-print jeans with a blank t-shirt or hoodie, switch it around, and wear pants in a solid hue with a floral top. Kids’ clothing boutiques could also consider floral dresses and jackets.

Many kids’ accessories and footwear, like sneakers, ballet flats, sunglasses, and even socks, feature a floral pattern. Although florals are typically for spring and summer, there’s no reason kids can’t wear them year-round. Selections like a red floral print t-shirt in summer or a dark blue floral print dress with fleece leggings for fall or winter can be stylish, on-trend options.

Fashion trends can vary from location to location; what might be popular with kids in New York City isn’t necessarily going to be popular with children across the country in Portland. So while those mentioned above will be trends for kids’ clothing in 2023, pay attention to what’s also happening locally, especially if you have a brick-and-mortar boutique.