Wedding Hairstyles for Millennium Bride

Looking for the best wedding hairstyles for long hair? Then you have probably discovered how many bridal hairstyles are available for long hair. There is no doubt as to the reasons for such popularity – hardly any other style will give a bride such an ultra-feminine tender look. Poets and writers across centuries paid tribute to long flowing locks. But what about modern wedding hairstyles for long hair? What can stylists offer for a millennium bride?

Here is our top list of the most stunning wedding hairstyles for long hair from WeddingForward. Think your hair length is too short for these styles? Extensions will solve this problem!

Color up!
One of the trendiest modern wedding hairstyles for long hair would be a very simple loose hairdo with a bit of an extra color added. Try pink tint for platinum blonde locks, add a bit of purple or dark-blue for dark hair. This is a bit too bold for you, a wedding can be the perfect time to liven things up by refreshing your hair color. Try modern advanced coloring techniques, such as ombre and balayage. The combination of different shades will add dimension.

Braided chic
A lot of cool wedding hairstyles 2018 are about a combination of long flowing curls and braids. Dutch braids, French braids, fishtail braids – the options are limitless. Loose braids look especially good on a boho-chic bride. Braid crowns are probably some of the freshest and flattering modern bridal hairstyles.

Flower power
Flowers have always accompanied a happy bride, but recently they have been gaining even more popularity. Lush flower crowns and single flower accents can be that small detail which helps you pull everything together visually. Baby breath is a perfect choice for a minimalist bride – this dainty flower has a stunning visual impact.

Add asymmetry
Asymmetrical lines are one more hot trend this year! Thinking about an asymmetrical dress? Why don’t you go for an asymmetrical hairstyle? Be it a sexy side-sweep or asymmetrical braids – you are going to look stylish and up-to-date!

Shine bright
Wedding updos are usually decorated with various bridal jewelry. The newest trend in bridal hair accessories is a bridal hair vine. Vines are perfect for long hair, adding that romantic look, but you can bend them to accent any hairstyle.

Sleek and chic
A ponytail might seem a not so obvious choice for a wedding updo. But this easy to make hairstyle is among the most popular sleek wedding hairstyles for modern brides. A sleek voluminous high ponytail is a great solution for a modern or minimalist look. It will go marvelously with a bridal suit or a plain white crepe dress that are so trendy these days.