What Are The Current Hottest Menswear Trends?

Menswear is a huge industry that has been booming in recent times – the market has grown exponentially and is showing no signs of stopping with fresh new brands bringing some incredible pieces of clothing to the fashion scene. The biggest issue for consumers is trying to keep track of all of the latest styles, as the ever-changing nature of the industry not only moves so quickly, it can be a burden on the wallet too with items that may be very costly becoming dated and unfashionable in an instant.

You might have noticed that pockets have been appearing all over the place on every item of clothing you could imagine, but it’s not by chance and people haven’t just started to carry more things – it’s a new fashion trend that’s taking the world by storm! The entire trend is based within utility, specifically the current idea of bringing function into fashion, headlined by a surge of fleece garments, cargo pants, and GORE-TEX enhanced items that are both eye-catching and practical simultaneously.

With these items, you’ll be likely to see them worn in a layered ensemble with lots of texture, so this leaves your outfits open to interpretation with a few different pieces to experiment with.

Quilted Jackets

Now for something a little more familiar. Quilted jackets have been one of the biggest menswear trends for as long as we can remember. These jackets look great in almost any setting and can be worn formally or casually to suit any vibe. Every man should have a nice quilted jacket in his repertoire, ready to bust out whenever a light jacket that packs a punch is the order of the day.

Quilted jackets are frequently used to tone down an outfit, but there’s no saying that they couldn’t be featured in a fit that’s far more outrageous if placed just right, so be sure to try out a few different ways to wear the jackets and see what you can come up with!

Return Of The Noughties

The retro 90s revolution may be slowly but surely fading, but in its place, we are now finding pieces inspired by the next generation; the noughties! The 2000s was a decade renowned for baggy wear, neon colours, and generally horrid fashion, but with a few tweaks, mid-00s sportswear can easily give a retro throwback vibe to any outfit – it’s ideal for creating the ultimate carefree off-duty style.

With these tracksuits, expect to find muted base colours such as grey, black, navy, and white with pops of colour dashed throughout to give a little more life to your look. A pair of shoes are an investment in your style, charm, and respectability. Visit Stride Wise and choose the best pair of boots that suits your style.

Whether you’re dressing up or going for the casual style, there are streetwear fits to suit everyone and the menswear industry is bursting with brilliant pieces just waiting to be brought into your latest fits. Keep your eye on the runways if you want to keep ahead of next season’s fashion trends, and be sure to keep hold of any pieces that are expected to stay in fashion throughout the seasons! Whilst it’s almost impossible to always stay ahead of the menswear curve, it’s never too late to try to carve out your own style. So, keep being creative with your fits and you never know – you could soon become a trendsetter yourself!