What is the best hair straightener 2020?

Achieving straight, sleek hair is not usually a simple task; it requires a lot of effort. Want to cut down on your morning hair routine? Whether you have curly hair or straight hair, there’s a flat iron for you.

Nothing beats the feeling of having perfectly luscious locks. Hair straighteners are every woman’s best gadget. They give you neat, silky, and shiny hair in no time. There is no perfect hair straightener that works for all hair types. According to HairAndMakeupGirl’s expert Heidi Garrett, one thing regarding different types of hair straighteners is to look at what works best for the job and hair type of the one using it. It includes material, working of straighteners, and kind of straightener that suits your hair type. In this list, we give you the ultimate guide to helping you find the heat styling tool to work magic on your hair. These hair straighteners will have people thinking you have perfect hair

Types of Hair Straighteners:

Hair straighteners or flat irons have revolutionized the hairstyling industry. There are key factors to consider when buying a hair straightener, and one crucial component is the type of hair straightener. You want a styling tool that’ll suit your hair texture and styling needs. Follow these tips on the best way to use your hair straightener to achieve the desired outcome.

    1) CHI G2 Professional Flat Iron- Best to curl and wave hair

CHI is a powerhouse brand in the hair care industry, consistently providing premium quality salon products. CHI G2 Professional Flat Iron blends durability, performance and ease of use into one device, which is suitable for all hair types. This beauty delivers long-wearing frizz-free hair which translates to glossy, flawless hair all day long.

It comes in titanium-infused ceramic plates for added strength and durability, and its superior design allows it to glide smoothly through your hair with zero tuggings. The color-coded LED display showcases the recommended temperature for each hair type. This flat iron exhibits a wide range of heating options from 180 to 425 degrees.

It also features a thermal mat to safeguard surfaces from heat when using the iron. The iron takes minimal time to heat up, about 40 seconds, and within no time, you can style your hair.
The downside is it lacks an automatic shut off, so you’ll have to remember to shut off the iron once you’re done. Also, it’s pricier than other options so you might want to consider your budget.

    2) BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Flat Iron: Best Mini for travels

If you’re looking for a portable, travel-sized hair straightener, the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini is a perfect choice. It is ergonomic, lightweight, and gives you a long-lasting silky-smooth effect. Plus it gets super hot. It heats up to a whopping 440 degrees and is available in ½-inch and 1-inch titanium ceramic plates depending on your hair length and needs.

With the ½-inch option, you get a storage pouch to tuck it in your purse while on the go. If you need a quick touch up or wherever you are, this flat iron is a perfect choice.
Lightweight and cordless-you can carry this masterpiece along when going for a date night. Thanks to the high heat level, this mini beast smooth even the most unruly hair leaving your tresses looking professionally styled. However, the heat is not adjustable, so if you have very fine or fragile hair, skip this one.

    3) HIS Glider Original Flat Iron: Best for frizzy or damaged hair

HSI Professional is a brand name when it comes to salon-quality products. Even better, you enjoy premium quality at an affordable price. Add shine and smoothness to hair with the Glider Original Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron. It is ideal for people with damaged or frizzy hair.
The tourmaline-infused ceramic plates generate plenty of negative ions compared to titanium or ceramic alone, giving your hair a glossy, smooth look. The digital display showcases a wide range of adjustable heat settings (150-450 degrees) to provide optimum heat levels to all types of hair.

The plates feature 8-heat balancing microsensors for even heat distribution which allows quick styling while preventing heat damage. One drawback is the lack of an auto-shutoff so you’ll need to shut off the iron once you’re done styling.

    4) Remington Anti-Static Flat Iron: Best for detailed styling of short to medium-length hair types

This Remington 1-inch flat iron performance exceeds its price level. It heats up in no time, smoothes out hair effectively while maintaining its heat throughout the process. The plates work to control flyaways and static which are evident when you skip on heat protection sprays.
With the best remington straightener, you can effortlessly straighten your hair and achieve more detailed styles. The curved edges allow you to create waves and curls. One thing to note is the flat iron doesn’t heat to ultra-high temperatures compared to other premium options .So if you have textured hair, you’ll spend a chunk of time getting your hair to look good.

    Bottom line:

Smooth, silky hair is attainable. If you struggle with unruly hair and you desire a sleek, bone straight, or wavy model-like hairstyle, there is a hair straightener for you. There are thousands of options available with a variety of specs but what matters is your hair texture and styling needs.

The CHI G2 Professional flat iron is the crème de la crème when it comes to hairstyling. This premium quality styling tool speaks for itself. Whether you want bouncy curls or gorgeous waves, it will leave your hair looking SPEC-TA-CULAR! Plus it will last you for years.

PS: Ensure you sleep in a silk bonnet or use silk pillowcases to preserve that sleek bounce.