Which Coats should hang in a Man’s Closet?

Some men don’t like colder weather. They’d much rather be training and toning their bodies by the sea, on South Beach in Miami, watching all the Hispanic girls go by. But for others, it is a chance to add to their charm, by wearing a variety of coats. When fall starts turning into winter and bring on the coldest days, here are a few coats that men need to have in their closet so they can keep warm and still look great.

Fur Coat

Whether its lynx, mink or beaver, a mens fur coat, will always leave an impression. It provides an air of assurance and strength to the person wearing it. But more than anything, it is the one coat that will keep you warm, no matter how cold it gets. That is something really important to all men living in northern countries.

Leather Jacket and Coat

If you have one leather jacket in your closet, it is not sufficient! You should have a variety of them, according to the occasion. Going to a rock concert? A biker jacket will do. Heading out in town, a long leather coat will help you to get noticed. Want to look cool and relaxed, then a bomber leather jacket is what you need. This is a classic you absolutely cannot live without.

Pea Coat

This double-breasted coat will never go out of style. It is a favourite of men and woman when winter arrives. You can wear the classic, navy blue, in its shorter version during the day and the long one for the evening or for very cold days. But there are other colours of pea coats, like black and off white, which one should acquire when living in countries with long winter, so he can create change, every once in a while. Visit Blank Label to know more about peacoat.

Wool Overcoat

Those who like to dress elegantly have at least one wool overcoat in their dressing. Although it is not the most expensive coat on the list, it will still require a nice sum, if you want to add a piece to your collection that you will be able to wear for years to come. Furthermore, a wool overcoat will keep you warm in cold weather, a benefit that needs to be taken in consideration. They come in a large variety of colours, but the classics are charcoal, camel and navy.

In some regions, winter can be really long. When February settles in, darkness can be found not only outside, as snow falls, but also inside, as we grow tired of the cold weather. Keep a couple of coloured coats around and wear one on a gray day; it will make your world sunnier!