Why the Future is Not Cinemas

Everyone loves films, there is no doubt about that. Even in the industry’s infancy when they had no sound and were in black and white, people still rocked up to the cinemas in droves. This must have meant that movies were able to compel people based on the pure concept alone. Most people are rational people, but even the most scientific person in the world will suspend their disbelief for a few hours when they watch a film. It is clear that we loved to be entertained by fantastical stories just as much we do with grounded stories.

Films have changed drastically since they were first made available to the public. They now have sound, colour, higher resolutions, and bigger screens. All this makes for a great experience when going to the cinema, undoubtedly, but it must be paid for. In some areas, cinema tickets are cheap but in others, they can be extraordinarily expensive. As the level of technology within each cinema goes up, so will inevitably the price of a ticket. This is not to mention the cost of food and drink within cinemas, which will often be high. Cinemas know people will get thirsty and hungry when watching a two hour plus film, and they are more than happy to provide.

In comparison, those who invest in a home cinema pay just a fraction of the cost associated with normal cinemas, and so it can be said that home cinemas are simply better. This is because of one thing, and one thing only. Streaming has existed for a while now, first coming to prominence at the start of the last decade. Since then, it has simply exploded as people begin to understand the strength of the industry and how it might be better than going to the cinemas.

Humans are creatures of convenience, which is why streaming appeals to so many. It is also why online gambling is proving exceedingly popular at the moment too, though players will have to look for information to see if that activity is legal where they are. Streaming makes the lives of everyone who uses it just that bit more comfortable. Instead of getting in the car and battling with traffic to get to the cinema on time, people can just go into their living room instead. Instead of forking over a fortune for a bag of large popcorn, people can just go into the kitchen instead. Instead of paying for a movie ticket, for the same price, people can gain access to a whole library of films and shows.

It should be obvious to see then why the future of films will not be cinemas. Already, people are beginning to see why home cinemas are better in terms of convenience and cost. Even some studios are trying to move with the times by releasing their newest films in both the cinemas and on some streaming services to cater to both audiences. Given this, there is no doubt that streaming is the way forward as it is better in nearly every way.