WNBA Stars Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson To Appear on TLC’s ‘Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta.’

Brittney Griner Glory Johnson

WNBA Stars Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson, who became engaged last summer are now on the hunt for a wedding dress. In this clip from an upcoming episode of TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta, Brittney helps glory pick out a wedding dress at Atlanta’s Bridals by Lori.

“Dressing Glory was not as I had envisioned. I expected this fabulous athlete who would not really want to look like a traditional bride,” said Lori Allen, owner of Bridals By Lori. “I’m thinking maybe a pants suit—boy, was I wrong. Ultimately Glory was very traditional and was only interested in pleasing Brittany—like most other brides. This is why I love bridal—it keeps you on your toes! In the end, Glory looked glorious (no pun intended).”

The episode airs this Friday on TLC at 10pm/9pm central.