Worried about cosmetic surgery? Big worries answered

There are a lot of stigmas attached to cosmetic surgery. Some people would argue vehemently against it claiming that aging gracefully is much better than the potential for bad results. Whilst others would say it is your right to do with your body what you will. Ultimately, if it makes you happy then why not? Though this does not make the process any less scary. Here are a few of the bigger worries that people face and why they perhaps shouldn’t be. 

Fear of bad results

This is probably the most obvious one. No one wants to spend all that money and come out looking like a melted doll. One way you can combat this is to go into your surgeon with a very specific request and make sure that they fully understand what it is you want. Other than that, you need to pick a reputable surgeon.

Dr. Brandon Ball, a leading surgeon, would always encourage you to feel comfortable in the surgery you pick and ask as many questions as possible to ease your worries. You need to feel comfortable before committing to the surgery.

Addiction to Surgery

Many people are addicted to something. It is not unheard of that someone with body dysmorphia for example can become addicted to surgery, but this is rarer than it seems. No reputable surgeon will operate on someone who is suffering from mental health issues. You should always book a consulting meeting with your surgeon so that they can talk you through thoroughly what is going to happen. If they are just hoping to get you onto the table as quickly as possible, it may be worth thinking about another surgeon. 


This is a common fear with more than just cosmetic surgery but surgery on a whole. There are numerous horror films out there that have the protagonist “put to sleep” for them either to never come out of it or to be awake but unable to move throughout the surgery. However, in cosmetic surgery, most anesthetic is local and would not require you to be knocked out for it. If you do need to be put to sleep, you should be asked only to come in if you are healthy. This significantly reduces the chance of something going wrong. 

How long will the results last?

Another large fear of anybody getting cosmetic surgery is how long the results will last. This can come down to several factors including your age and lifestyle as well as the surgery that you have had done. Ultimately, you need to think if the cost is worth it. If you intend on only having the surgery once, can you justify the cost? If you are going to need repeat visits but it makes you happy, then why not? Make sure that you are happy with what you decide and don’t be pressured by others to make a decision you are unhappy with.

Cosmetic Surgery

This is very personal to you. You need to decide. However, if you feel like it would make you happier in your skin then go for it. Just make sure to seek out a reputable surgeon and talk it over with them.