Worst Movies Based on Video Games

Games and movies are generally immersive pieces of art. They both have a couple of similar traits that take us deep into the fantasy world while at the same time transporting our minds into the deep fiction world. Each medium has specific techniques for telling a story, but the ultimate goal, in the long run, is to keep us entertained. The truth is though movies are based on numerous themes, creating a successful video game movie seems like a lot of work. This is why numerous cringy movies have been released and have failed terribly to deliver much-needed entertainment. Here is a qualitative review of some of the worst movies based on video games in no specific order.

Alone in the Dark (2005)

Directed by one of the heads in creating poor movie adaptations Uwe Boll, Alone in the Dark is undoubtedly among the most terrible movies. So bad is the video game-based movie that the original Alone in the Dark scriptwriter Blair Erickson delivered extremely negative comments on the film to Somethingawful.com. He went on to say that it had unreasonable additions, including sex scenes, Matrix slow-motion gun battles, bimbo blonde archaeologists, and a generally poor script. The movie was so badly done that it has a Metacritic Metascore of 9 out of a possible 100.

House of the Dead (2003)

The Uwe Boll movie House of Dead is also a true definition of the worst movie ever released. The storyline is pure shoddy and is characterized by unreasonable head explosions, poorly choreographed gunplay, and some unrealistic exposition on ancient immortality-seeking pirates.

It is undoubtedly a failed horror movie with significant shortcomings in all its elements. It is among the worst films of all time, evidenced by the poor Rotten Tomatoes score of 4%, an IMDB Rating of 2.0 out of a possible ten, and a low Metacritic Metascore of 15 bouts of 100.

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Postal (2008)

Still directed by Uwe Boll, Postal is another candidate in the list of video game-based movies not worth your time. The film begins with an unreasonable coverage of the September 11 attack on USA soil. It further shifts focus to a rather contradicted twist of an amusement park with men with Hitler Mustaches and women wearing bikinis. It doesn’t stop here as it ends with the then president of the United States George, W Bush ordering the launch of missiles against Pakistan and China, which immensely adds to the confusing nature of the movie that lacks tone and basic movie framing techniques.

So bad is the movie that when Uwe Boll attempted to raise funds for a sequel, he could only raise $30,000 in the kick-starter campaign. The movie has a pretty low rating of a Metacritic Metascore of 22 out of 100.

Bloodrayne (2006)

Developed by among the lowest ranking movie director Uwe Boll, Bloodrayne is undoubtedly among the most terrible movie based on video games ever produced. The vampire flick was so poor in its intended delivery that it grossed only $3.7 million at the box office. The movie’s storyline was never thought of as right from the movie’s start; anyone will surely get bored. The film has a Metacritic Metascore of 18 out of 100 and a poor ranking of 4% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012)

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D of 2012 is yet another movie that disappointed movie lovers worldwide. The first Silent Hill movie was quite a piece starring Kit Harington and Adelaide Clemens. It even made good money from many avenues, including the box office. All the major features of making a film were not considered before releasing the movie, evidenced by poor acting, scares, and the general plot. Implementing 3D effects was also a big turn-off for movie lovers. The Silent Hills Revelation 3D has a poor Metacritic Metascore of 16 out of 100.

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2008)

In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale is yet another work of the worst movie director Uwe Boll. Starting from the movie’s script, everything in the title is awful, and no one should even think of watching it. The movie features some of the renowned cast in the movie industry but is still very disappointing. Some big names in the movie include Jason Statham, Ron Perlman, John Rhys-Davies, Burt Reynolds, and Ray Liotta. The movie has a poor Metacritic Metascore of 15 out of 100 alongside an IMDB rating of 3.8 out of a possible ten and a 4% Rotten Tomatoes rating.

These are undoubtedly among the worst movies that are based on video games.