YOUology Skin care: Mixed and Made for Me

I have been a proud user of Younique’s YOUology skin care line after feeling like I had tried just about everything. Being a beauty product junkie, I invested hundreds of dollars in products that promised they would be the magic key to making all of my skincare woes (and there were plenty of them) go away.

These lotions, potions, and sometimes supplements would promise me the world, but always failed to deliver. One day, I ran across information about Younique skin care, and was immediately interested because this company wanted to know about the one thing no one else was interested in: MY SKIN.

YOUology Skincare Quiz: A Personalized Approach

Younique offers a YOUology skin care quiz on their website ( that is eight questions. It gauges what is troubling your complexion and offers ideas for how you can improve it with a few of their products. In the quiz, there are some questions about what you are currently using, how much sleep you get, what you are exposed to during the day, and what really concerns you about your skin. It doesn’t take long, I’d say to plan on about 10 to 15 minutes to assess your skin and think about what could be different, and then maybe if you’re ready, treat yourself to some new products. I took the quiz and my skin thanks me now. With good cosmetics and thxsilk silk pillowcase to sleep, the skin will be shinier!

Over 40,000 Combinations

YOUology skin care is personalized with boosters in every one of their products. For instance, my night cream comes with calming, replenishing, and hydrating boosters. These were my personalized recommendations from when I took my YOUology skin care quiz. What is amazing is that there are over 40,000 possible combinations of YOUology skin care products, so my products are truly customized to my skin, and not a mass of people that a large company guesstimates are enough like me.

Companies typically sell products that have a “one-size-fits-all” approach to skincare, and frankly, that approach is not good enough for me anymore after trying Younique skin care’s method of blending natural ingredients with boosters to assist the areas of my skin that need the most help. Once I started using their products, it was quickly apparent that these felt different. The base had such a smooth creamy feel. I could have used this without boosters and loved it, but getting to choose ways to enhance this already awesome cream made it over the top amazing.

Did I mention I look good?

The first week after using my YOUology skin care regimen, my husband turned to me and said, “Your skin looks different. It’s a good different. I like it.” I smiled and rolled my eyes. The men in our lives try, don’t they, ladies? However, I could see he had a point. In two weeks, areas of my skin were starting to improve drastically, so much so that friends and coworkers were beginning to ask what was different about me. Was it my hair? Had I lost a little weight? No one could pinpoint it, but I knew it was a change in my complexion, and I was loving it.

Pointing Others in the Right Direction

Eventually, some of my best girlfriends and family members caught on to what was happening with my skin, and all the glow that was happening. They started asking questions, so I filled them in. I have since sent them all to Younique’s website to take the quiz and share the joy of happy skin and a fabulous complexion. I can tell you, I will never regret giving myself the gift of a personalized approach to skincare and the confidence it has given me in my everyday life. YOUology gave me the tools to love my own skin. Maybe it can do that for you, too.

Disclosure: This author does formally represent Younique or its products, and may have been compensated to conduct a review of these products