Your Morning Mix. BOSCO, Kelela, Mizan, and More.

Kelela BOSCO Mizan

These five songs are a sure way to get your week started right.

Mizan – “7 Billion”

The singer’s debut EP, Dark Blue, is set to drop November 6.


The singer says this about her latest track “PLYGRD”: “it’s really about rediscovering the art of dialogue and sexual exchange. Taking the lead intimately as a female and exploring your sexuality. It’s culturally expected of men to initiate the first move but I wanted to switch it up and attack it from a women’s perspective.”

Kelela – “All the Way Down”

Clocking in just under five minutes, the track stands true to Kelela’s sound. Fresh synth beats throughout, the singer coos about the often unexplainable nature of love.

Nai Br.XX – “Super Nova”

Get into the Atlanta-based singer’s most addictive track from her recently released EP “Wasted Callaway.”

Young Paris – “Back (re-worked Jeremy Avalon of WERC)

A re-worked upbeat gem.