4 Sustainable Fashion Must-Haves

Sustainable fashion must-haves include recycled fabrics, reused materials, and other fabrics that make shopping environmentally secure. You might not think you have the money or taste for sustainable clothing, but think again!

Here you’ll find four fashion must-haves to help you embrace sustainable clothing. By finding items you will wear frequently, you can reduce the global carbon footprint and still shop for styles you love.

Eco-Friendly Everyday Shoes

Sustainable fashion does come with limitations and a higher price tag. The way to work with these caveats is to prioritize buying items that you know you’ll wear by sticking to styles and fashion tips. Often, we buy clothing we might wear once or even not at all because we like how it looks in the moment.

Finding eco friendly shoes takes some research into the supply chain of the brand you’re considering purchasing from. Look for clear indications like labels that say “sustainable” or additional information listed on tags that explain how materials are being sourced.

Items that say “cruelty-free” and “high-quality” are good choices for choosing ethical options that will last you a long time. Look for sustainable sneakers, flats, and boots that you can wear all year.

Now that you know how to shop for sustainable clothing options, here are four sustainable fashion must-haves to add to your wardrobe.

1. Vintage Clothing Finds

One type of sustainable clothing to look out for is vintage clothing. Vintage clothing significantly reduces the global carbon footprint by eliminating the need for new dyes, bleaching, and fibers, as well as the amount of water used to produce new clothing.

An old-fashioned leather or jean jacket will likely be more durable than the new items you find in standard clothing stores, giving you fashion and reliability all at once.

2. Rental Fashion Finds

If you prefer to stay modern, you can use rental fashion to continue taking positive steps toward a sustainable future. Rental fashion is wearing clothes that are binned every year and passed off as unwanted items.

Sustainability-focused stores resell these items in a fashion-forward way to promote sustainable fashion for the future. By purchasing rental clothing, you reduce the amount of retail clothing purchases and the subsequent discarding in landfills that takes place each year. You also reduce the amount of environmental toxicity that is polluted into the air and the tons of water that is wasted.

3. Trans-Seasonal Sustainable Fashion

Given that most sustainable clothing is expensive, you want to shop for items that you can wear all year long. Buying trans-seasonal clothing like jeans, coats, fashion skirts, and t-shirts will keep you covered throughout the year regardless of the weather.

4. Used Clothing Finds

There are many different ways to buy used clothing today, reducing the amount of clothing tossed in landfills or otherwise discarded and taken away from those in need. Check out online used clothing retailers as well as your local thrift stores to find sustainable options that won’t cost you a fortune.

You’ll be pleased to know that you’re helping the environment when you shop this way, as you reduce the demand for new clothing supplies from the name-brand and standard retailers that provide clothing for consumers around the world.

The Bottom Line

The sustainable fashion items that you purchase should possess qualities for year-long wearability. Finding wardrobe staples like jeans, t-shirts, and jackets are must-haves for getting through the hot and cold seasons.

Given that sustainable fashion is expensive, limiting your clothing purchases to everyday items is the best use of your money, giving you maximum wear potential for the items you buy.